Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Called Tatting...

How many of you have ever had someone call your tatted lace crochet or knitting or for that matter, anything BUT tatting? LOL I think most of us have. 
It's also to be expected since not everyone knows that tatting even exists. So, teaching moment? 

For those of us that are less patient with our tatting illiterate friends I've made a little something to make you laugh! 

Just a little sumpin-sumpin to bring a chuckle to your lips... regardless of your tatting literacy standing. 

If you like this pic feel free to copy it and use it on your own blog or Facebook or wherever. I made it for the online tatting community. 

I have some good news! I've finally found a wifi hotspot so I'll be able to post pics again with my canon camera! Yay! 

Let me know what you think of batman slapping Robin over tatting in the comments! I always love to hear from you!




  1. Really that's funny a couple years ago they did a commercial for quilted norther bathroom tissue and had a cartoon playing where women were knitting it! I said "what stupid heads" and I guess they heard about it because they changed it rather quickly!

  2. I get the crochet thing often, I also knit lace, and as they walk pass my craft table they look and said crochet mats, as I don't crochet and can't get my head around it, I soon tell them it's tatting or knitted. I even went to putting labels on the knitted items saying hand knitted and if course the tatting is marked tatting, but the general public need to be taught what the difference is.
    I am doing a talk about tatting so I think I will print your picture off and put it on display at the talk.
    Thanks for doing it.

  3. Madtatter, thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. lol

    Margaret, most of us that tat have had this happen. It happens with knitting vs crochet all the time, too. Like I said when this happens it's a teaching moment. If we approach that teaching moment with kindness, patience and a bit of enthusiasm we just might spark an interest. If we teach the difference with impatience and unkindness we kill any spark of interest that might have been there. The batman meme is for chuckles I hope you have fun at your speech.

    Thank you Marta!

  4. I'm trying to contact "angeldoll". I just saw something about her Barbie dolls on Pinterest. Can you get me in touch with her?



  5. Hi Tatting Marie,
    Who is angel doll?

  6. I was just thinking about you and wondering what you were up too!

    Tatting being called crochet is like quilts being called rugs or blankets. People who say that near me should be very careful that I don't have a rotary cutter in my hand when they speak!

  7. Hi Virtual Quilter!
    You know I'm sure we can all relate to it regardless of what hobby or work we do.
    I'm sure I've been guilty of making an erroneous comparison when it comes to something I don't understand

  8. In her September 14,2009 post, "Dressing Barbie" (crocheting vs tatting)she mentioned that you were her friend. She taught herself to needle tat via the Internet and was hoping that one day you would teach her to shuttle tat. Her blog was mainly crocheting.

  9. Really??? lol
    Ok. Well, Hmmmm... back in 2009 I did a lot of blogging and visiting other blogs
    Now that I think of it I vaguely remember an "angel doll". I think. (Sorry Angel Doll if you're reading this)
    I don't have any idea how to contact her. Did you try posting comments on her blog or looking at her blogger profile? Sometimes peeps put their email on their profile

  10. Also, did you try leaving a comment on the Pinterest post that you saw, Tatting Marie?
    Also be sure to comment on her blog and let her know you are wanting to contact her.
    Also, I looked up the blog post you spoke of at this link:

    It looks like I did comment on her blog. I have many people on blogs I consider blogging buddies but I have no idea how to contact them or her.

    Often if someone wishes to contact me privately they'll leave a comment as to why in the comment section and leave an email address for me to respond to - which I usu will - if I am familiar with them, that is.

  11. lol I didn't mean to post that link twice but the comment field wigs out sometimes on my iPhone

  12. It so makes me cross, frustrated etc when someone says that my tatting is crochet and whats more they can do it! Grrr.
    So your cartoon is great

  13. It's certainly understanding that it would make you cross.
    I work really hard to not show my displeasure with someone when they do it because I worry that if I retort something that will turn them off from tatting forever! I don't want that

  14. Hi Shannon. It has been forever since I have seen your blog. Do you remember me - Marie Smith (split chain)?


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