Sunday, June 14, 2009


Many of you have been so thoughtful in your comments on my last post. I find myself feeling extra grateful for the thoughtfulness of friends. Your comments, emails and visits to my blog all mean a great deal to me.


One friend, in particular, expressed her thoughtfulness
in a lovely way.

She tatted this beautiful heart!
Thank you, Laura!

She surprised me with this in the mail!


Many of you have noticed that I mentioned that
I had been the recipient of some sad news.
I recently lost a family member.

I am very private about personal information online so I
appreciate your understanding about why I don't go into
details about everything.
Thank you so much for respecting my privacy.


I'm so glad you stopped by. I'll be back to my blog posting and chipper self soon! I already have some blog posts in the making for you! I just noticed that I have 200 followers! What an exciting thing! I am dancing on the inside! I've also won some more giveaways...can you believe it!?! How can someone not be cheered up at such fabulous news? I will show you my goodies later, okay! I'd love to hear from you before you leave!


64 absolutely fabulous things were said:

Krystle said...

Your blog is like a little breath of happy fresh air :-) We will all be happy when you are feeling more yourself.

Susanne said...

I am sorry for your loss.
One day soon you'll feel like blogging again but untill then do take time to grieve. We will be here when you are back.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi TattingChic.

Congratulations on 200 followers!

What a beautiful tatted gift from Laura.
I love the purple colour.
Take care and I hope that you are feeling better.


Lori said...

i am so sorry for your loss...i don't share a lot of personal things either...and really, i have been banned from talking about my i know what you mean...your tatted piece from Laura is so lovely, what a nice gift!!!

singtatter said...

I'm not good with words, by I'm glad you are cheering up and moving on. Everyday is a new day, and appreciate those who are still around.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I'm really sorry for your loss.
Hugs to you!

Thimbleanna said...

There's nothing like winning giveaways to cheer you up -- a little hug from your online friends!

Kathleen Grace said...

Sending you my sincere condolences. I will be praying for Gods love and comfort for you and your family.

Jen r. said...

I am so sorry about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Jen

Beckie Holso said...

I am so sorry for your loss. May you find comfort in your memories and the knowledge that families are forever.

Barb said...

Hi TattingChic,

I am so sorry for your loss my friend. I haven't been visiting blogs so I didn't realize. Stay strong in your faith. Take your time, you have many followers and friends that adore you.

God bless you.

love ya,

TattingChic said...

Krystle, you are so sweet! Thank you. I appreciate that.

Thank you for your understanding, Susanne. I am glad you will be there when I am back

Hi Carolyn, thanks for visiting and the congrats on the 200 followers. It really is an honor, I think! I will be posting your sweet gift from your giveaway soon! I haven't forgotten! The note you sent is so pretty and sweet! I can't wait to share it with everyone!

Hi Lori, I'm glad you understand! You are such a nice bloggy friend! I know some people don't have a problems sharing all their problems online, but I just have my reservations about it for many, many reasons...a big one being online safety. Isn't the heart from Laura nice?

Hi Singtatter, thanks for your comment! I'm glad you stopped by. I have much to be grateful for and I count my blessings everyday!

Aw, thanks Becky! ((Hugs)) back to you, too! You're a sweet bloggy friend and I appreciate all of your visits and comments!

Thank you, Thimbleanna! You're so right on about giveaways being a cheerful thing! It has really helped! The day I got my mini easel in the mail was the day I received the awful news. It wasn't a giveaway, but a surprise gift and I cannot tell you how much it cheered me up! Hugs back, sweet friend!

Hi Kathleen Grace! What a lovely name. I do appreciate the condolences and I am so grateful for any prayers said in my behalf or for my family! Thank you!

Hi Jen, thank you for your sweet words.

Thank you for your lovely thought, Beckie. You are sweet.

Oh, Barb, thank you so much! I really appreciate the very kind comment. I am so blessed with blogging. I am so glad I started one. I never would've "met" wonderful people such as yourself had I not started my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hugs, so sorry for your loss. I love your blog too. The purple heart is charming. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Betty said...

What a lovely tatted heart! I'm continuing to pray your sorrow will ease soon. Take care.

Tattycat said...

You are very welcome. Of course you have 200 followers! Your posts are brilliant and we love you.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I am sorry for your loss. Saying a prayer for you today.

Gerry said...

This is a lovely piece. I also love your little easel. Too cute!

Thanks for popping into visit. It reminded me that I haven't visited for way tooooooo long.

Take care.

Marie Antionette said...

Hello there my Tatting Chic, I'm also sorry about your loss.May God send blessings to you and your family.The blue heart is soooo pretty and soooo sweet a gift.I'm glad you have so many friends to see you though.
Thank you for stopping by and sending me your well wishes.I am doing better.I missed everyone and its going to be slow for me ,but only for awhile.Nothing will keep me down for long ,you can take that to the bank...LOL.XXOO Marie Antionette

Shabby Addict said...

So sorry to hear about your loss.. hope everything looks up for you soon. We will be waiting ; )

Yoli said...

Tatting a lost art form. That is a lovely heart your friend made you. Sorry for your loss and I hope brighter days will follow.

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

We are so sorry to hear that you have suffered a loss. Our thoughts are prayers are with you.

Dave and Jo

Mary Ellen said...

I am sorry about your sad news. I completely understand the wish to remain private, but I hope you know we all support you.

I love the tatted heart. Lovely!

Back when I knew how to tat for real (when I was a child) I remember my grandmother teaching me the hens and chicks - it brought back some precious memories.

Heather said...

I am sorry for your loss and can empathize based on our own recent loss... may happy memories of your loved one help you through this sad time. what a beautiful purple heart obviously given with heartfelt emotion. Double hugs.

The Victorian Parlor said...

My prayers go out to you for your loss. God Bless:).



Le_Vintage said...

oh i am so honored to be you're 200th follower and hehe you're blog is just tooooo much fun! i was just at the mall today looking at tons of tatted beauties i need to cover my 3 tier cake stand, and i couldnt bring myself to buy any cause i just kept thinking of you're goodies.

i also wanted to say i'm really glad i made you're day, because i was so sorry to hear of everything thats been going on and i know it's hard sometimes. but i am glad to see you're getting through it, you'll be stronger in the end. there's nothing much one can say after a loss like that.

you'll be in my prayers

Le Vintage

TattingChic said...

Hi Yarnjourney! I am glad you like the purple heart. Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you, Betty! I appreciate your prayers.

LOL! Thanks again, Tattycat (Laura)! You are so sweet!

Thank you so much, Cathy! I appreciate your prayer.

Hi Gerry! I'm glad you stopped back over! Thanks for coming by.

Thanks for stopping by, Marie Antoinette! I'm glad you like the heart. It is actually purple. I think some screens show color ranges differently than others so it may very well look blue on your screen. I'm also glad to hear that you are doing better! What a scare! God bless!

Hi Shabby Addict, thank you! I appreciate your sweet comment.

Hi Yoli, I am so glad you stopped by. I appreciate your sweet words. I would like to invite you to look around at some of the tatting links on my blog. You will find that tatting is not a lost art, but is indeed very much thriving!

Thank you, Dave and Jo! I appreciate your sweet words. They are comforting.

Hi Mary Ellen! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. I do know that my bloggy friends support me. That is why I shared a little bit on here. I know it can be aggravating when someone is too "vague" and I didn't want to aggravate my fabulous readers! Thank you for understanding.
Thanks for sharing that sweet story of your grandmother teaching you hens and chicks! That is totally cool!

Hi Heather! I appreciate your extension of comfort through your own grief. Many ((Hugs)) to you!

Thank you, Kim! I appreciate your prayers!

Hello, Le Vintage! I'm so glad you thought of my tatting today! I am flattered. I'd love to see what you do with tatted beauties on your 3 tiered cake stand. That is not something one usually sees in the mall! Thank you for your prayers! They are very much welcomed!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dear Friend, I am so sorry for you loss. My sympathies go out to you and yours. I understand about keeping personal info private. I limit what I talk about in my blog too.
Well, I was about to visit you when I saw your comment. This is the second time that has happened. Thinking of you at the same time you comment. Love the tatted heart Laura made. Just gorgeous!

I would love to paint you a rose shuttle. Find it, send it, and I will paint it!!

Thanks for stopping by.
hugs, Celestina Marie

Tracy said...

Dear TattingChic... I am so very sorry for your recent loss...My heart goes out to you in a huge way. Having lately lost my grandmother, I know how you are feeling... May the love of family & friends surround and comfort you at this time. If you need to/want to talk--I'm always around... :o) Hope each day finds you in a more peaceful place. Thinking of you & yours ((HUGS)) Oh, incidentally, my "photo situation" is looking a little brigher now. ;o)

Florence and Mary said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, having lost my nan recently I can appreciate what you are going through.

Thinking of you,

Victoria xx

Fox said...

TattingChic, I am truly sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you, and wishing you well....

There is a world of warm wishes and thoughts and prayers out here in Tat-land. Laura's little heart says it all! XXOOXXO Fox

Alan Kolodny said...

I just wanted to offer my condolences and prayers for your loss. Your wonderful blog and encouraging comments mean so much to all of us. I know everytime I post something new on my blog, I wait with pleasant expectation for your comment and approval.

Linda said...

Very sorry to learn of you recent loss...take care. Sending warm and gentle hugs your way...Linda

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tatting Chic, I am soooo very sorry for you lost. Laura's tatted heart was very thoughtful and kind. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Hugs judy

Rosemary said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for always visiting me, you are a sweetheart!
Looking forward to your posts again soon.
Take care,

a pink-bee said...

So sorry to hear such sad news ! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Nancy in Dallas said...

Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!

rochambeau said...

Dear Friend,
I am sorry for your loss.
You are a positive person.
and share much love to all!


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

That is so sweet of Lala. That pattern is by Sue Hanson who is also a wonderful lady!

Elyse said...

beautiful and the colors are so pretty.

i can relate to wanting to keep personal problems vague in blogland. blogging is so full of positiveness that i tend to only hint at problems myself. please know i'm hoping you are well and happy and am sorry for any loss.

"blogland" is a nice place to be.


Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I fully understand your not wanting to talk about it. Big hugs to you from me.

I had to stop by and tell you that you made me laugh with your remark you left me about helping me pick out the tile since I didn't tell you which sink I picked out.

I've been feeling a bit down today and your comment put a smile on my face so thank you for that.


Vicki C said...

Keeping you in my thoughts sweetie!
Sending you a hug from NE!

Betzie said...

So so sorry for your recent can be so sad at times, and I guess we all share in those sorrows.
Take care!!!

Kate T. said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, and for not coming by before now... it's been too long since my last visit.

Such a lovely gift - surprises are the best gifts aren't they? And to have one show up when you need it most, what a great friend.

Thanks for stopping in at my blog and leaving such perky comments. It's always nice to see you've been there.



Twyla and Lindsey said...

You are so very dear to us! Twyla

TattingChic said...

Hi Celestina Marie! We must have that "psychic connection", LOL! That is funny that it has happened twice. When I find a plain, inexpensive wooden shuttle I will send it to you to be painted up all nice and pretty with your beautiful roses! You are so talented!

Thank you so much Tracy! I can always count on you for a very sweet and kind comment. ((hugs)) right back to you, friend! I know you have had a time of grief also.

Thank you, Victoria. I appreciate your condolences through your time of grief.

Hi Fox, thanks for your sweet comment! I appreciate it.

Hi Alan, thank you for your prayers. I'm glad you took a moment to say hello! It's nice to hear that you appreciate my comments!

Thank you so much, Linda! So glad you stopped by!

Hi Judy! Thanks! You are so sweet. I appreciate your comment.

Thank you, Rosemary! I appreciate your visits, too!

Thank you, Crystal! I will take prayers in my behalf any day!

Thank you, Nancy! I appreciate your prayers.

Hi Constance. I am grateful for your comforting and kind words.

Hi Lady Shuttlemaker! That is sweet of Laura, isn't it. Thank you for the pattern reference.

Thank you, Elyse. I'm glad you like the heart. I agree with you about so much positivity in blogland and I don't want to dampen it. On the other hand, friends have told me that when I hint at things it drives them crazy.

Joanne! I'm so glad my silly comment made you chuckle! I was down too, today! I needed to hear that I made your smile. That is sweet of you to tell me. I meant to make you smile so I'm glad you got my silly sense of humor.

Thank you so much, Vicki!

Thank you, Betzie! Life is full of joys, happiness, and sorrows. I'll take the ups with the downs. Thank you for your kind comment.

Thank you, Kate! I'm glad you stopped by when you had the time.

Thank you so much, Twyla! I appreciate that...more than you know! :)

Vintage Rose Collection said...

I am sorry for your sad news..Please know you are in my prayers..
The tatted heart is precious!

Warm hugs,

Rue said...

I am so very sorry...


Mona said...

Hello tatting chic...ooh you make me feel so good and dont ever think you are mean because I get your sense of humor and love it!..i am just with my head in the clouds cant think of anything else I will be posting soon again once i am back with my feet on the ground...i am floating on air!!!xxx..My thoughts are with you,Iam sorry about your loss of a loved one.

Shabbyfufu said...

I am sorry for your loss. Take the time to yourself and we all look forward to reading your inspiring posts again soon~ xo~

Sarah said...

Hello, I've just passed an award on to you. The details are at my Simple Stitches blog.

I'm sorry for your loss and will be praying for you.

TattingChic said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers, Jo-Anne. I'm glad you like the heart that Laura sent, too.

Thanks, Rue. (((Hugs))) back to you.

Hi there, Mona! I am happy to know that you get my sense of humor! You're a sweetie and you deserve all the love and cloud 9's a girl can stand to have! Enjoy your sweetheart. Thank you for your comment.

Thanks, Shabbyfufu! I am taking lots of time for myself right health has forced me to!

Sarah, thank you so much for thinking of me! I appreciate that! I have added your name on that award along with a thank you (see the right sidebar). How do you get a link to be connected to the words of your blog title? I don't know how to do that on a comment. That is so cool. I want to learn to do that.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Please take the time you need to get through this.


Jeanneoli said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I would be the same way...private about some things.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Please know that I am sending big hugs your way.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit me...I look forward to reading more on your blog...

Laurie said...

You're to funny!!! I LOVE your easel too! lol Laurie

Anonymous said...

Wow, 200 followers~~that is Happy News!
I am so sorry for your loss..Take care of yourself and everything has its own time. Thanks so much for stopping by today and leaving me such a sweet comment. You helped me today:)Such a beautiful, beautiful purple heart.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

This blog community never fails to amaze me. People are so caring and good. I'm glad that it's been a cushion to you during your time of loss. It's okay to give yourself permission not to be chipper for a long time too. It took me years to learn that it's alright to feel that way and live with those feelings.

I find it sort of foolish, but will say what I came here to share with you about the blog party about your creative space. I find myself creating on my couch too with the laptop, or my bed or sometimes the very messy so called studio that I better clean if I plan to share that at the event. I for one would love to see where you create your lovelies!

Take care

Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Sweetie...

I can't wait until you're back and showing us your gorgeous creations once more!

More hens and chicks, please!*SQUEAL*

Snap said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. You know that all 200 of us (!!!!!) will be here just waiting for your return -- when you are ready.


Sweetina said...

Oh Dear,
I am so sorry and send you prayers and sympathy,Sweetheart.
The lovely tatted heart you received is so beautiful!
I am sure here thinking of you~take time to heal.We will all be here for you.

sewmuchfun4 said...

It's wonderful to see the many supportive comments you have received. So many people care about you! I also would like to offer my condolences. You are in my thoughts.

KatCollects said...

I hope you are smiling again soon!

TattingChic said...

Thank you so much, Amy! I am really lucky to have sweet bloggy friends like yourself! ((Hugs)) right back to you!

Hi Jeanneoli. I am glad you understand. It's nice to be understood. Some people are very open on their blogs and that's alright by me. I've just learned over the years to keep private things private. That works the best for me now. Thank you.

Hi Penny! Thank you so much for your very big hug! (((Hugs))) back to you, sweet friend!

Hi Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend. Thank YOU for stopping by. I hope you come again.

Hi Laurie, Hee hee! I'm glad you love my easel, too! Ha ha!

Hi Lynn, thanks so much for that sweet comment! What an honor to have been able to help you! I'm not sure how, though, as I didn't say much, but that is so sweet of you to tell me. It actually helps me to know that I am of some good use, LOL!

Tracie, thanks for sharing your personal experience with accepting those uncomfortable feelings. They are not fun, but managable, I suppose. Thank you! I will take what you said into consideration about the creative space, but no promises, LOL! Maybe next year for sure depending on how I feel!

Hi Farm Chick Paula. Thanks so much for your cute comment. Alright, I will look and see if I have anymore goodies with Hens and Chicks on them, LOL! I might have a vintage hanky or two. I sure wish I could find my vintage tatted hanky collection. It's so wonderful to have friends here to share it with! I love it!

((Hugs)) back to you Snap! I appreciate your very kind comment! Thank you!

Thank you very much, Tina. I appreciate your kindness. You really live up to your name: Sweetina!

Hi Ann, thank you! I agree about it being wonderful to see so many supportive comments...and your comment is cherished as are they all!

Thank you so much, Kathy! I have had many smiles already!