Sunday, July 5, 2009

Please Welcome the New Kid On The Block!

Hi guys and gals! I'd like to introduce you to the "new kid on the block" here in Bloggerlandia! She's a very talented gal who wants to share her story of caring for the elderly and all the wonderful things she's learned from her experiences with her elders.

She makes hand tatted lace along with other crafts and goodies!

She also happens to be my niece!


May I have a drum roll please?


Please welcome
This is the first thing she's tatted in a few years
and she's sharing it with us on her blog!

Be sure to stop by and say hello
and welcome the new blogger on the block!


Thanks for stopping by so I could introduce you to "Enlightened by Angels" and her new blog! She's a sweet gal with a lot to offer and I'm proud to call her my niecey-pooh! I'd love to hear from you, too! I'd love it if you said hello! Comments are always welcome here on TattingChic!



42 absolutely fabulous things were said:

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

WOw- I've just looked over your blog and I am AMAZED! You make some absolutely incredible things- things that I look at and can't even fathom how they were created. What talent!!

Kathleen Grace said...

I'll go say hello right now:>)

Joansie said...

Dang, you gals are so talented. I can only say a tatting piece is beautiful, etc. as, of course I don't know how to tat yet, but the operative word is tat. I'm adding myself as a follower on your niece's list.

Carla said...

Her work is amazing but the nost amazing thing is that we have a new tatting friend.

New generations are coming on!

Lori said...

i will pop over now:)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Welcome to the new kid!! Off to visit her now.

TattingChic said...

Hi Sandra! Thank you and Welcome to my blog. I hope you return often!

Thank you, Kathleen Grace!

Hi Joansie! Thanks, are so sweet! I am sure my niece will appreciate your following her!

Hi Carla! Yes! We do have a new tatting friend! I think it is wonderful that my niece is tatting again.

Thank you, Lori!

Thank you, Cathy!

vintage at heart said...

I will head right over now. So happy to hear that someone of the younger generation has taken the time to enjoy our oldest and best natural resource!!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday!!

The Victorian Parlor said...

How wonderful that you have introduced us to a new blogger-I look forward to visiting her blog:). BTW, love the new background on your blog-very pretty!!!



TattingChic said...

Thank you, Vintage at Heart! I'm glad you're going over to say hello. She's a sweet gal that way!

Hi Kim, thank you! I'm sure she'll appreciate your visit very much!

Heather said...

Well, I already love what she's tatted... I will pop over and visit her blog.... love your new background. Hugs.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Whoo hoo!

Snap said...

I went by to say Hi to your niece. Tatting must be in the genes! :D :D

TattingChic said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for saying hello before you run off to welcome my niece! ((hugs))back!!

LOL! Lady ShuttleMaker! You crack me up! "Woo Hoo" is right!

Hi Snap! Thank you so much! I appreciate your welcoming my niece to blogland!

EnlightenedByAngels said...

Thanks for the post! So nice to be so warmly welcomed to Blogland or Bloggerlandia, or Blogville, or where ever it is that we are. lol

I am proud to call YOU my aunty-panty! LOL something there just doesn't sound right.

(( HUGS)) back at ya

tattrldy said...

She does make a pretty star! I'll go on over and check out her blog.

Great background!

TattingChic said...

Enlightened by Angels, You are a silly girl! I'm glad you've gotten such a warm welcome from so many bloggers! It really is a wonderful place here in blogland! Enjoy your new found friendships and keep up the posting!!! ((Hugs)) again!

Hi Tattrldy! Thank you! I'm sure she will welcome your visit and hello! Thank you for stopping by for a quick hello before you run off!

Linda said...

Love the now look...very pretty.
This is a precious I'm off to say hi and welcome your niece to bloggie world...hugs, Linda

Draffin Bears said...

Hi TattingChic,

Lovely little tatted piece your Niece has made.

Off to visit her blog now.

Have a good day

TattingChic said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks! Glad you like the new look. Thanks for welcoming my niece to bloggerville.

Hi Carolyn! Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you are going to visit my nieces blog, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tatting chic! thank you for leaving me such a nice comment on my blog...My name is Jennifer and it is nice to meet you. I added myself to your followers and I'm going to add you to my list of blogs I follow too. If you would like to add yourself to my followers, your more than door is always open to new friends! By the way I love the tatting on your blog,it's very pretty and something I never learned to do....yet. Hugs, Jennifer

Debby said...

ALrighty then, off to say hello and welcome the new kid on the block now..hehehe..

sewmuchfun4 said...

I'll be glad to say hello!

I like your new background! Are you still mulling it over or is this one a keeper? The pins on it are adorable and the color really makes your angels pop!

Fox said...

So you are an aunty-panty! Nice! I will check on the new and talented blogger right away! Love your new background, TattingChic!

Hope you had a wonderful July 4th!
xxooxx Fox : )

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Tatting Chic, I just wanted to stop in and say HI! I haven't had much time for blogging this summer. I'll go over to your nieces blog and check it out.

How are you doing? Hope you had a nice 4th.



TattingChic said...

Hi Jennifer! Welcome! I love and familiar ones alike! You are welcome to come and visit my blog anytime! Thank you so much for following my blog! I will be sure to come and visit your blog again!

Hi Debby! Thanks for visiting and saying hello! I'm sure my niece will appreciate your visit as well!

Thank you, Ann! I love this background! I am still kind of mulling it over, but I am liking it a lot! It's definately a favorite! I LOVE angels!

Hi Fox! Yup, I am an Aunt, that's for sure! I'm sure she'll love a visit, thank you!

Hi Carol! I hope you had a nice 4th, too! It's nice to see you visiting again! It has been awhile, hasn't it? Yes, go and visit my niece's blog and I'm sure she'll be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

It's really beautiful and so intricate. I've always been fascinated with tatting whenever I see one. In blogs only though. Somehow I haven't seen one here in my place nor do I find such tools to use. The closest thing I can make is crochet - but it just wouldn't compare to the dainty, lace-like feel done in tatting.

The pink and white bookmark you made on your previous post is really lovely :-)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm! Aunty Tattingchic is going to have to stay on her toes to keep up with the next generation! Your nieces blog looks great, and so does her tatting! Give her all the encouragement you can, Aunty! (I have added her to my reading list.)
Judy B

Marge said...


And thank you for your so sweet regards in my blog!!! It is always so nice to see who have found to my blog and I don`t to see it without comments, so thank you!!!:)) It is so nice to meet new people and new, beautiful blogs around world!

Your blog is so beautiful, too!! And you are so talent, WAU!!!

Hugs, Marge

TattingChic said...

Welcome My Thoughts My Voice! Thank you for visiting. Yes, tatting is not always easy to find, but it is still around. There are lot's of lovely and dainty crochet things around. Tatting is vastly different from crochet, though. Tatting is lacemaking from a series of knots. Crochet's crochet! It's forming a fabric from loops! I hope you visit again soon to learn more about tatting!
BTW, thank you for the lovely compliment on the pink and white bookmark from a previous post. My dear friend Susanne (Dantatter) made it for me. I cannot take credit for it! Thank you!

Hi Judy B! It's always a pleasure to have you visit. LOL, Aunt TattingChic is not competing with anybody! It's just not my style. That's wonderful that you've added my niece to your reading list. I hope you visit and encourage her, too! Thanks so much for visiting.

Hi Marge! Welcome and thanks for all your sweet words. I hope you come to visit again!

Ninu said...

new look of ur blog is too good.. off to visit ur niece's blog..

Tracy said...

Om my way to say hi... Her work is just beautiful! thanks for letting us know, TattingChic! Happy Day :o) ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

Hi there,
I will go and check out her new blog.
Yes, those are Pop rocks in the basket. We have a new candy store with old time candies and sodas.
I thought those would look cute for the 4TH.
Have a great week,

Natasha Burns said...

oh wow so the tatting talent runs in the family!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Gosh, looks like she got her tatting talent from her auntie!


Going to go visit her bloggie now...!!!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tatting Chic, I love the new look of your blog. It is lovely.Welcome to the new kid on the block. Her tatting is lovely to just like yours. Hugs Judy

Jen R. said...

It's beautiful! What a talent!

TattingChic said...

Thanks, Ninu! I'm sure my niece will appreciate that!

Hi Tracy! ((Hugs)) back to you, sweet friend! Thanks for visiting!

Hi Rosemary! Pop Rocks are very cool and they did make a cut pic for your 4th of July post. Thanks for saying hello to my niece!

Ha ha! I guess so, Natasha! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad your computer is back up and running!

Hello, Olde Dame Penniwig! Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello! I'm sure my niece will appreciate your visit, too!

Thank you, Judy! I'm glad you came to visit! Hope you are have a good day!

Thanks, Jen!

Sares said...

I know tatting takes an amazing amount of work and patience, you have some beautiful things to show for your efforts! Thanks for stopping in at Loveleigh Treasures and I'll head right over to welcome your niece to the land of the crazy bloggers!

Déjà View Designs said...

What a talented family!

scrappyjan said...

HOly COw you have a beautiful blog here!!! All of the pretty things to look at!!! I will be back!!!

Thanks for your kind words on my blog today. :o) janny

TattingChic said...

Hi Sares! Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your very nice comment. I'm sure my niece appreciates your visit to her new blog.

Thank you, Deja View Designs!

Thank you, Scrappy Jan! I hope you return to visit again and again! Ha ha- I had a friend growing up named, "Janny"! How cute!