Sunday, April 1, 2012

International Tatting Day 2012


So just what is International Tatting Day?
It is a day, April 1 of each year (no joke), where people who tat hand made lace sit around and eat chocolate and tat a little and eat chocolate and then tat a little more and then eat more chocolate. Now,hopefully they are doing this with friends who also tat, but if not then it's all the more chocolate for themselves, right?

I plan on spending Tatting Day this year with a friend of mine named Julie. She is the chair of the Bonneville Tatters Association. She is a very sweet friend who is supplying the chocolate and I will be showing and telling some new goodies.

Personally, I think I am getting the sweeter end of the deal.

But first of all I wanted to show you what I made for Easter!

Look at these new Easter Eggs!

Oh and these new Easter Baskets!!
Do you like them? I made them myself out of a type of drying doll making stone clay. I rolled out the dough and then texturized and painted them myself! YAY~ Yay for Easter Stuff.

Oh so what do those Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets have to do with tatting or Tatting Day, you ask? Well did you just think they were just plain old Easter Ornaments?


Those are Tatting Shuttles. Well, actually they are flat, artistic, self stylized flat tatting shuttles, to be exact. Let me show you!

See, there are slits in the corners of the tatting shuttles. Here is tatting Shuttle 1. It is wrapped with Lizbeth Thread Size 20. The color is Azalea Med. You can see both sides of the shuttle here and how one side is made to look like an Easter Egg and one side to look like an Easter Basket!

Nifty, Aye?
Okay, I'm bragging now so please excuse me.

Now onto Shuttle 2:

So here is Shuttle 2 wrapped in Lizbeth Brand Thread size 20. This color is Seagreen Lt. I've also taken both sides of the shuttle so that you can see that one side is painted like an Easter Egg and one side is painted like an Easter Basket. In case you are curious the sides on both shuttles are painted brown like the sides of the Easter Baskets and the Easter Basket Handles.

Now to see if it can tat?

Well, can it tat?
We shall see!

I have decided to try out
"Tatted Heart"
Barbara Foster

Here is Round 1 on Shuttle 2 with Seagreen Lt size 20.

This is starting on Round 2 with Shuttle 1 and Lizbeth size 20
Azalea Med. I have used one of Lady Shuttle Maker's
Hook Pens for size reference if that helps at all for some people.

Well, this should give you an idea of what I'll be tatting for Tatting Day! I hope you have a wonderful day tatting as well!

Happy Tatting!


11 absolutely fabulous things were said:

Nancy in Dallas said...

Wow! You have returned with a BANG!! Love it! Shuttles are so darn cute. You did an awesome job. Happy ITD dear friend, from across the miles.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I am so impressed--Tatting Day, chocolate, tatting with a friend, an Easter egg pattern, and your very own, personally designed and created Easter egg shuttles! Have a great International Tatting Day!

Lelia said...

Shuttles? Really!!! I thought they were cookies. Enjoy your tatting today.

Margarets designer cards said...


Nice to see you back in blog land,
Happy International tatting day to you,

Bonnie said...

Happy International Tatting Day to you, TattingChic!!

Those are super cool shuttles! Your very creative.

Enjoy tattign with your friend. Please show us what you make with your fancy new shuttles.

TAT19540 said...

Have been worried about you. Glad to see your post!
Your shuttles are cleaver and beautiful . Happy International Tatting Day to you also. The girls and I got together yesterday to celerbrate. Check out Diane Lace Loving Librarian's blog.
Welcome back!

Bella Sinclair said...

Happy happy tatting day! Oh my, aren't you so very clever. Those shuttles are adorable! I was delightfully surprised to learn that they were more than cute decorations. And oooh, your bookmark below is going to be gorgeous. How wonderful to have a blossoming and meaningful friendship!

Enjoy your day. Don't get any chocolate on your threads! xoxo

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Cute shuttles! I like using flat shuttles, but I think I'll leave shuttle making to others, like you!

Happy International Tatting Day!

God's Kid said...

Very sweet shuttles!! :)

Carla said...

Happy Easter!

Fox said...

Well, just look who is back! With fancy-dancey shuttles to announce it! They are such fun.

Hope you had a wonderful International Tatting Day, Chiclet, and I do hope to see more of you in Tat-Land soon!
♥ Fox : )

You were one of the first (if not THE 1st) to comment on my very FIRST post on tat-ology on April 19th - THREE years ago! How is that even possible? : ))