Monday, July 28, 2008

Hankering for Yarn Bloggy Give-Away!!!

Don't you just love blog giveaways? I know that I do! Hee hee!! I am unashamed of my unabashed love for them. Noreen over at Hankering for Yarn is having one to celebrate her 2 year blog-a-versary and she's letting me put in a plug for her here on my blog. She's also created some lovely handmade tatting shuttles that I wanted to show you. Thank you Noreen, for letting me post these lovely pics of your shuttles. Congratulations, Noreen!

Firstly, the giveaway!
In order to celebrate Noreen's
2 year blog-a-versary
she is having several giveaways.
The one I wanted to show you is her
handmade "Lady Hoare" style shuttle
that she carved.
Here's a picture of it.

You too, can have the opportunity to win this
lovely handmade tatting shuttle,
handcarved by Noreen, herself.
Just go to her post here, leave a comment in the comment
box and VOILA'! You're entered in.
This is a rare opportunity to own such a shuttle
as she will not be making these anymore.
There, on her blog, you will also find several
other giveaway items with separate posts.
There a quite a few tatted earrings.
Hurry! You only have until August 3rd, 2008 by 7pm MST to post a comment on her blog giveaway posts
because that's when she draws the winner's name!
But WAIT, there's more....
Secondly, I wanted to show you these
absolutely adorable
"little birdie" tatting shuttles that she has

Aren't they cute as can be?

Here is the link to the Little Bird Tatting Shuttles.

The post about these shuttles tells her design progression with them. Go take a look when you get a chance.

You can purchase one of these from her.

Click here to see purchasing information.

She asks that you contact her through email to purchase. You will find her email link on the right of her blog on the sidebar near the top.

So, my beautiful blogging buddies, thank you so much for stopping by to take a gander at my blog, I have been busy with my "non-tatting" life and while it's not as much fun (well, in some cases it is admittedly "funner" than tatting...LOL!) it does help support the tatting habit. Balance, it's all about a finely tuned balance, wouldn't you agree?

As always comments are always welcome! I love to read each and everyone of them.
Come again I promise there's more to come in the future!




49 absolutely fabulous things were said:

Tattycat said...

Thanks for the information. I'll go visit her blog right now! The shuttles are gorgeous!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What pretty birdie shuttles! I'm not even sure what a shuttle is, but I can appreciate making something beautiful out of an ordinary tool. I love to read about art forms from passionate creative folks like you!
Really interesting post!

TattingChic said...

Alrighty then! I'm glad we've got some takers, TattyCat! I think you'll find Noreen's tatting blog a real treat. Gosh, I'm starting to sound like Jane Eberoll! You just might find me speaking in a british accent soon if I keep this up! LOL!

Hi Becky, I'm so glad you stopped by and left a comment. All a tatting shuttle does is hold the thread you tat with. It doesn't really "do" much. It's nice to have lovely people such as yourself that are curious enough about life to take a peek at tatting!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Sounds like things are going well for you??...I am so happy to read that.
You are a fantastic sales lady!

Lace Threads said...

Thank you so much for posting about this. She has such a lovely blog, I can see there's another blog I have to regularly visit! Those shuttles are a work of art.

Katie O'Halleran's said...

Good Morning!

Thank you so much for visiting me and for your kind words! I have enjoyed reading through your blog - LOVE the super cute t-shirt with the lace!


Marie de la Chaume said...

Hello Chick not'atting
I really believe I am so lucky being able to read your marvellous words...
and I made a translation, in my blog, just for your pleasure!
Keeep on tatting and not tatting, for the moment my non tatting life is more important than my tatting one!
Lots of love to you and all your readers,

Marie de la Chaume

rochambeau said...

I don't tat. BUT
Those tatting Birdies are SO nice!
Just beautiful!
Thank for your nice comment TC!


Clyde said...

I think the reason you like the giveaways is that you keep on winning them.

TattingChic said...

Hi Lady Shuttle Maker! Thanks for the comment. I'm actually only a good saleslady when I like something...LOL! I'm definately NOT one of those people that could sell snow to the eskimos...unless that "snow" was tatting shuttles and those "eskimos" were tatters who already have a million shuttles...LOL!

Hi Lace Threads, I'm glad you liked the post and Noreen's blog. You're welcome!

Thank you, Erin from Katie O'Halleran's. I appreciate the comment. Thanks for visiting and I'm glad you like the T-shirt.

Oh! Thank you, Marie de la Chaume! I feel honored that you made a translation on your blog just for me! You have such lovely work, too! I'm sure you didn't translate it just for me, though, as I'll bet there has got to be other's who speak only English who read your lovely French tatting blog. I'm so glad that you are on "The Tatted Ring of Bloggers"!

You are welcome, Constance, and thank YOU for coming to visit. Welcome back! You are always welcome here.
(who is this TC? LOL!)

Well, CLyde, I suppose it might appear that way...that I keep winning them...LOL! However, if you knew how MANY I have entered you would realize that while, yes, I have been lucky to win 2 giveaways it really isn't much compared to all the giveaways I've entered! ROFLOL! Oh, but I could not live with my conscience if I did not share this one with my online tatting "family" which I consider you to be a part of!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for coming by to visit my little blog! The birdie shuttles are cute! I couldnt use them but I am sure some lucky girl who can will love them!! hugs


Tracy said...

Thanks for the shout-out, TattingChic! mmm...yarn...(said i my best Homer Simpson voice--LOL! ;o) I love a giveaway...think we all do, no shame at all! Those wooden birdie shuttings are so beautiful. They almost remind me of love spoons, sailors carved for their sweethears/wives before going off to sea...Happy Days ((HUGS))

celestina marie said...

WOW the shuttles are gorgeous and make such a great accessory as well. The giveaway sounds fun and thank you for passing on the info.
So great to see you and thank you for the kind comment on my blog. I always really enjoy my visit to your fantastic blog.
See you again soon.
Have a great week and blessings to you!
la rea rose

TattingChic said...

Hello, Sarah. Thank you for visiting my blog in return. I knew people who do not have a use for tatting shuttles would still find them quaint. They are quite artistically done, aren't they?

Tracy...LOVE SPOONS?!? I have never heard of love spoons. I am very intrigued and must know more. Would you be so kind as to tell me more about these things? Glad you enjoyed the post.

Hi Celestina Marie, it's always such a pleasure to have you drop by. You say the nicest things! Come again soon and I enjoy your blog very much as well!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

These are beautiful shuttles! I will have to check out your friend's blog later on today. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your so very kind comments.
PS - Tatting is an art that I have always wanted to learn to do. I can knit and crochet but can not shuttle tat. I have tried needle tatting, but I want to learn to shuttle tat.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I love giveaways too :) I am hoping to have one when I get back from my trip. Looking for a special piece for my favorite blog friends! I will let you know :) Thank you for hte info on these!


Dantatter said...

Oh those birdie shuttles are soooooo cute......

TattingChic said...

Hi Barbara from Southern Lady's Vintage. I'm so glad you came to visit. If you want to learn to tat there are lots of online resources available. It's best if you can find someone to teach you in person, but I'm also meeting more and more tatters who are learning online. I really enjoy eTatters; a free online group for tatters of all skill levels or even just admirers of tatting. It's free to join. Here's the link.
There you will also find some information on links for learning tatting. Let me know if I can help.

Hi Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage. Have a ball on your trip this coming weekend! I look forward to participating in your giveaway when you get back! Thank you for visiting!

Hi Dantatter, aren't those little birdies the sweetest? I'm so glad you stopped by.

Barb said...

Hi Tatting Chic,

I don't know how to tat but those little birds are very sweet. Take care my friend.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Love those little bird shuttles!

Kathy said...

Thanks tattingchic for the link. Love those birdie shuttles.

Suzie said...

I dont know what shuttles are either but they are nice. Thank you for being so supportive on my blog. Having bloggy friends around right now is really a godsend.

CIELO said...

Thanks for visiting my House in the roses the other day! I have enjoyed reading through your blog

Enjoy the day!


TattingChic said...

Hi Barb, glad you're able to be back on the blog scene again. You've been missed. Aren't the birdies cute?

Hello Cathy and welcome back! Thanks for the comment.

You're welcome, Kathy! I hope you signed up for the drawing!

Hi Suzie, you're very welcome for the support on your blog. Thank you for the reciprocity! I totally understand the gratitude for bloggy friends~I know it's made a very nice big difference in my life.

Thank you, Cielo. I'm glad you came for a visit. Come back anytime!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Those shuttles are too cute!

m ^..^

Shabbyfufu said...

Glad to see that you ladies are carrying on this art form. My granny was a whiz at tatting...which unfortunately stopped with her in our family. ~Janet~

Donna Lynn said...

Good Morning,
Hope your week has been blessed with good weather and peace! We finally got some rain,(funny for the rainy Pacific Northwest, but no rain in months...), and it has relieved me of my watering duties for a couple of days so I am getting caught up on some blogs!

Your shuttles are just lovely to see, thanks for sharing with us the love you have of this amazing art that was almost lost, thank you for bringing such beauty back!

NeereAnDear said...

I just find your craft to be most fascinating... it must take a lot of patience and a lot of work to do such magical wonders...

Love coming here to see what you have been up to



TattingChic said...

Thank you, m from Tales of an OC Cottage. We share birdie shuttle love.

Hi Janet from SHabbyfufu. How nice that you were able to learn what tatting is from your Grandmother. SO many people don't even know that tatting exists...or...LOL they think it has to do with tattoos!!! LOL!

Hi Donna Lynn, thanks for stopping by. The weather is nice here, just a little earthquake yesterday is all, but other than that it's beautiful here. I could only wish those shuttles were mine! They're Noreen's, but thanks for saying that they're nice.

Hi Jo from Neereandeere. I'm so glad you drop by from time to time. Thank you for the comment.

Sandra Evertson said...

Those are wonderful!

Nermal and Kitty said...

Have I told you how much I love your blog? You always have a great variety of things to share. I truly love that tshirt with the tatted & beaded edge. I really think I'm gonna have to break down and try to learn. Can you recommend any books? Luv, Nerm

TattingChic said...

Thank you, Sandra Evertson. I appreciate both the visit and the comment.

Hi Nerm! You're so generous with your compliments, thank you! One book that I've heard is good for learning to tat is called "Fancy Pants". It is available at and it has lot's of pictures. There are a couple of bloggers who have learned online. Verito and Ais both have blogs and learned from online sites. Their blog links are on my right sidebar under the heading "Tatting Links" which is in alphabetical order. Commenting on their blogs with a query might lead you to some great links.
Another place is eTatters which is a tatting forum that is free to join with all levels of tatters from interested in learning to experienced tatters.
The link to eTatter's is:

The link to eTatter's list of tatting links for places to start for beginners is:

Linda said...

Noreen is a very talented lady. I love the birdie shuttles..they are beautiful. I can only imagine the time involved to carve these little treasures. Hugs, Linda

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Hi! Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog today! I'm in AWE of your talent here. I received my Grandmothers sewing box a few months ago and there were several pieces she tatted in there...also a shuttle! I had no IDEA what any of it was! I did some research and the blog world helped me figure it all out!

Ais said...

I never knew there were so many styles to shuttles!

TattingChic said...

Yes, Linda, isn't Noreen talented? It's nice that you can appreciate the time involved for such a handmade goodie.

Hi, Thrifty Miss Priss. Thanks for the visit! What a treasure you got from your grandmother! Did you do a post on it? If not, I hope you do because I'd love to see her little tatted bits and stuff. Did you get some shuttles, too?

Hi Ais, aren't they cool? I love the little birdie style of tatting shuttle.

Karen said...

Oh those little birdie shuttles are adorable! How sweet !!!

Karen at Ciderantiques

Rosemary said...

The little birds are so cute.
Have a great weekend!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Thank you so much for the links to the giveaway I love the bird shuttles too. Karen

TattingChic said...

Hi Karen, thanks for visiting. How was Nova Scotia and the Land of Nod?

Hi Rosemary, you have a great weekend, too.

Welcome Karen Harvey Cox, you're welcome for the link and thank you for visiting. I hope you joined in the giveaway.

Just Between Us Girls said...

Thank you for the heads up on the give away. I love those shuttles...every single one of them and the patience it took to make them. Incredible. I also love that tee you made with the tatting...clever and pretty. You have such great talent. Thank you for stopping in. I always love to hear from you.

TattingChic said...

Thank you Pat, I sure appreciate you stopping by. Your blog is always a fun visit. I hope you went over to Hankering For Yarn and commented to have a chance at winning the birdie shuttle!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

You always have such beautiful work on your blog. The blue fabrics I'm working on just might get me to do some simple tatting for waves in the watery color. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

You're right, they're very cute and so original. I'd never seen something like that.

TattingChic said...

Hello, Lynn Majidimehr. Thank you so much for the very nice comment and visit!

Hi Verito! Aren't they cute shuttles? I had never seen birdie shuttles before, either. I've seen fishie ones, but not birdies.

Fete et Fleur said...

What a beautiful shuttle! I've recently been falling in love with antique sewing items. They are so elegant.


TattingChic said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for the comment. Antique sewing notions are fun, aren't they?

BumbleVee said...

I'd like one of these little birdie shuttles just because they are cute...not because i know how to tat or anything....

maybe some day.... after I try a few other things..... sigh...always sooooo much to try and just not nearly enough hours in any day, right?

TattingChic said...

Oh, Yes, Bumblevee, I totally hear what you are saying. So many wonderful things to learn and so little time...sigh...
:) Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you buzzed by.