Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy International Tatting Day!!!

Well, today is the big day we've all been waiting for! Today, my friends, is International Tatting Day! What? You don't believe me? You must think this is some kind of April Fool's Day joke, right? Well, according to Holiday Insights it really is International Tatting Day! Here is what they have to say about the matter:

"When: Always on April 1st
Tatting Day has been celebrated internationally for over 4 years now. April 1st is the International Tatting Day.
Tatting is a needlepoint skill of making delicate, elegant tatted lace. It is enjoyed by thousands of people.
On this day, "tatters" around the world have different activities, mostly educational, to celebrate their hobby, and introduce it to others. Often, they celebrate by eating chocolates and making tatted lace."

Now, let's focus on the most important phrase in the whole paragraph: "Often, they celebrate by eating chocolates and making tatted lace."

Did everyone get that? So what do we do on April first of each year, no joking? Answer: EAT CHOCOLATE and make tatted lace!!

So, let me see if I have the proper tools to celebrate properly!



Tatting? Check!

Are you guys noticing the MOST IMPORTANT
thing about Tatting Day, LOL?

It's all about the CHOCOLATE...

I mean tatting, yeah, that's right!

It's all about the tatting!

Hee Hee!


Oh, I'm sorry, were some of you here for something else?
I think I do remember
a little something about a giveaway!
would you like to know who won the giveaways?

Alright, alright, I'll get on with it, already!



I went to for a little assistance.
With 225 comments I didn't have
time to write everyone's name down
and draw from a hat!
Believe me I feel honored that there are that
many people who would want a book on learning to tat
and stop to wish me a happy blogoversary and
100th post along the way.
Thank you so much!

Okay, so for the first giveaway prize
(the book, tatting shuttle, and thread): Congratulations, comment #78
Jane B of Hillside Threads !!!

For the second giveaway
(the book and stiffened tatted heart):

Congratulations comment #73

Melissa of Honey Bee's Bliss !!!


Winners: send me your snail mail addresses.
Congratulations, again, to both of you!

Thank you so much for stopping by to celebrate Tatting Day with me! Okay, okay, I know, some of you just wanted to see who won and I'm TAT-ally okay with that, LOL! I'd love to hear from you! Comments are always welcome here. I love 'em and I read each and every one of them. Have a wonderful day and have some chocolate now that you've had some tatting eye-candy!
Happy Tatting!

75 absolutely fabulous things were said:

Vintage Tea said...

Happy International Tatting Day!

Victoria xx

Kaz said...

wow, I can honestly say I've learned something today!! I never even heard of "tatting" until Happy Tatting Day!!! xox

(I HAVE heard of chocolate though, so will certainly join you in celebrating..LOL)

Bonnie said...

As usual you post made me smile. Happy International Tatting Day to you!

~Heather~Johnston~ said...

Congrats to the winners!! Happy Tatting Day!! Well its early but I do have chocolate creamer in my coffee and my tatting is sitting here waiting to be done does that count for now :)
Its so neat we have our own special day!

Lori said...

congrats to your winners:)

vintage at heart said...

Happy Int'l Tatting Day!!! A day just for creative sweeties like you!!!!
I hope you have a fab day filled with chocolate and wonderful tatting!!!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Tatting Day is the best day of the year....(right after my birthday of course) LOL

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Happy Tatting Day! Enjoy your chocolate and tatting!

Sandra said...

Happy International Tatting Day!
I think I have to buy some chocolate and pause my homework to do tatting for a while.
Every one should celebrate it with joy and fun.

Maybe, I should open my mouth and let you throw a piece of Dove chocolate to fill my hungry tummy.

Clyde said...

I am so glad it is International Tatting Day. It gave me the excuse to start the day off with a coffee and a bowl of double chocolate mousse. After all it is my obligation to eat chocolate. Now I wonder what other chocolate I can find.

Tracy said...

Happy Tatting Day, TattingChic! Looks like you've got the celebration well under way...tee-hee ;o) Congrats to Melissa on the great win. And thanks so much for the fun! Happy Day ((HUGS))

umintsuru said...

Hi TattingChic,
I honestly came over to see what you had posted on International Tatting Day. Congrats to the winners.

Carol Lawecki said...

Happy International Tatting Day to you to TattingChic!!

Congratulations to the winners of your giveaway. That was a great treat!

Thanks for having the giveaway! You are so sweet TattingChic!

Have a great day and enjoy tatting today!

Ann said...

Hey, this sounds like the holiday for me; but I will have to crochet instead of tatting! Happy Tatting Day to all the talented Tatters out there!

Linda said...

Happy Tatting Day! What a perfect way to celebrate...chocolate and spending the day tatting:).
Congrats to the lucky winners...hugs, Linda

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Happy ITD!
I hope you enjoy every minute!

Donna said...

Happy tatting day! Since I didn't win the book and I don't know how to tat I will just have to eat chocolates and celebrate with you! LOL!

TattingChic said...

Thanks, Victoria!

Hi Kaz, welcome! So glad you stopped by! Well, what a perfect day for you to be introduced to tatting, wouldn't ya say???

Hi Bonnie! Thank you so much. I appreciate that. ((Smiles)) back to you! :)

Hi Heather, thanks so much for stopping by. TOO EARLY FOR CHOCOLATE??? I'm not sure I "heard" that right, LOL! That's the first thing I popped into my mouth this monrning, LOL! Oh, Heather, we GOTTA TALK! It's NEVER "too early" for chocolate! ;)

Thank you, Lori!

Lovely thoughts! Thank you, Vintage At Heart.

Hi Sherry! I would have to agree with you! It's definately right up there with Christmas and stuff! Speaking of Christmas, you should SEE what I got myself for tatting day, LOL!

Thank you, Diane! You, too!

That's the spirit, Sandra! Okay, now open wide! One...two...three...and CATCH! Great catch with your mouth, Sandra! Enjoy your chocolate!

Hi Clyde, there ya go! Way to start tatting day off right! ;)

Hi Tracy! THanks! I'll pass the congrats on to Melissa and Jane B!

Hi Umintsuru! I totally believe you! You're so cute to point that out about your visiting intentions! I love that! ((Hugs))!!

Carol, I always enjoy your sweet and generous compliments! Such a dear! Keep 'em coming and keep coming back to visit! :)

Hi Ann, yes, that's a lovely way to spend Tatting day! I think that looking at pictures of tatting counts when you don't tat, too! :)

Thank you, Linda! So glad you came by to wish me well on this fun day for tatters everywhere!

LOL, TY Becky! :) I definately plan to!

There ya go, Donna! That sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate tatting day!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi TattingChic: Congrats to the winners! - and thanks so much for being such a wonderul Ambassador for tatting! You had to have been up late to get the results of the contest, and already had a Tatting Day post ready to go. And the comments are pouring in, which you always respond to. Sure wish I had your energy! Happy Tatting Day to a Very Special Person!

Fete et Fleur said...

Congratulations to the winners and Happy Tatting Day!


Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Happy Tatting Day, Miss! Congratulations to your winners.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Sorry I missed out on your giveaway, but congrats to the winners.

robin dudley-howes said...

Thanks for always taking time to fly over to my nest! Everytime I see tatting I think of you! Love the peice you are working on.


Tatskool said...

What a fab post as always...congrats to the winners.
The info on the date was cool.

I hope you really are going to eat all those chocolates which look so yummy...and do a little tatting if you have the stomach for it after all that chocolate!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

My favorite lace has a day? Who knew!

Thimbleanna said...

Well Why didn't you SAY so before this??? If you'd TOLD us that it was all about the chocolate, we would have all been tatters by now! ;-)

Melissa said...

What?????? I'm still in shock...I won??? LOLLLLLLLL I had just seen that you Miss TattingChic had won yet another giveaway and thought wow she is so lucky she seems to always win and I never do! LOLLLL Hey maybe your luck will rub off on me now! LOL
What fun! I'm thrilled!

Susanne said...

Better late than never. A broken cable somewhere made it impossible for me to get online today but I still want to wish everyone a happy International Tatting Day.
Congratulations to the winners, I am sure the goodies will be enjoyed tremendously.
I also enjoyed the look of the chocolate - I did have some myself earlier today too, lol.

Anonymous said...

I'll help you to eat my share of the chocolate. :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi TattingChic

Congratulations to the Winners! they will be happy.

Happy International Tatting Day ~ what a great day for you, tatting and partaking of some yummy chocolates.
enjoy your day.


TattingChic said...

Hi Kathy! Thanks for your sweet comments! You always say the sweetest things! I wish I had my energy, too! Wait!? LOL! I have no energy now, after being up late, LOL!

Thank you, Nancy! Good of your to stop by!

Thanks, Steph! I'll check out your blog

Hi Cathy! I'm sorry you missed out too, but glad you stopped by today!

Hi Robin! Thanks! Glad you have taken the time to let me share my favorite hobby with you!

LOL! Tatskool, those chocolate were long gone by the time that photo was posted! Thanks for stopping by!

Well, there ya go, Nancy @ La Chambre Rose! Thanks for stopping by!

LOL! Thimbleanna, okay, okay! I'm telling you now! Pass the chocolate back over here already! ;)

Yup! You won! I was surprised, too! I thought to myself, 'surely everyone is going to think this is fixed'. It's true tho'! Thank heavens you wrote that thing in there about the number (in your comment on the giveaway post) I remember as I published thinking "Melissa is #73 so I'll use that as a guide when counting comments" So thank you for making my job easier, LOL!

Hi Susanne, I'm glad you made here in spite of your cable troubles! Hope you are enjoying your day and having lots of chocolate (if you like chocolate,that is).

Thanks, SummerSadie! I need all the help I can get to celebrate Tatting Day! LOL! Enjoy your share of chocolate.

Hi Carolyn, thanks for stopping by!
I appreciate the nice wishes.

tam said...

Congrats to the lucky winners! Oh and happy tatting dayEat lots of chocolate! ~Smiles~Tam!

SY said...

Hi TattingChic and Happy International Tatting Day everyone. Congrats to the winners of TattingChic's give-a-way.

our shabby cottage said...

Congrats to the winners. I'm off to find some chocolate now. Happy Tatting Day!!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Happy International Tatting Day. I know how passionate you are about creating this gorgeous lace. Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway.

Nancy in Dallas said...

Hi! Happy ITD!!! Since I have NO chocolate in the house... I bought myself a new book! Sounds good to

Tattycat said...

I hope you had a wonderful Tatting Day! I did! Congratulations to your winners.

Betty said...

Sorry, I don't have time to read all the other comments; so, if this is a repeat, forgive me. Congratulations to the winners of your books...I'm sure they will enjoy them! Your post is so funny about the CHOCOLATE; oh, yeah, and the Int'. Tatting Day; and, the CHOCOLATE; and the giveaways; oh, did I mention the CHOCOLATE. Your blog is just too much fun!

My word verification is that plural for dimple??

CIELO said...

Passing through to say hello! May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.


Gail said...

I'm new to your blog, found you by way of Time Enough. So sorry I missed the give away. I have my grandmothers shuttle and I have some thread, but what is next? I love old lace and tatting. So International Tatting Day is on my anniversary, mmmmm. We have been married 42 years, I think that deserves some CHOCOLATE! Enjoyed your blog. BE BLESSED :-)

TattingChic said...

Hi Tam! Thanks for visiting!

Thanks, Sy! I appreciate the nice comment.

Hello, Our Shabby Cottage!!! Enjoy your chocolate!

Hi, Karen! Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the comment.

Hi Nancy! A new books sounds fabulous! Was it a new tatting book?

Thank you, Tattycat! I did have a great day, thanks for asking! I did get my chocolate in, LOL!

Hi Betty! Your comment was definately not a repeat! I'm so glad that you totally got that tatting day is all about the chocolate...oh!!! I mean, Tatting!!! ;)

Thank you, Cielo! What a lovely thought! Thanks for sharing it.

Hi Gail! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Anniversary! I stopped by your blog and left a message! THanks for sharing about your grandmother's shuttle! That is really special that you have that.

Shari said...

I did half of what I should have today - ate chocolate. If I ate enough for 2 does it give me more points so I won't get bad marks for not tatting today? Congrats to the winners I am sure they are happy, couldn't have been an April Fool's joke....nah... Well, hopefully next time it will be my name drawn!

Imoshen said...

Happy Tat Day! My son snatched my chocolate but I still get to tat.

Trayna said...

Hi TattingChic

I need your snail mail addresses (& name!!!) to send something teensy tiny your way towards the end of next week.


Mona van dijk said...

Happy any day!..but with chocolate and tatting as company !..thanks for passing by today and given me encouraging words xxxx Mona.
Ooh and to the winners of this lovely gesture from tatting chic,Congrats!..

Kathy said...

Congratulations to the winners. Chocolate looks yummy and your tatting just grand. Thanks TattingChic for your prayers.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners! and Happy Tatting Day! I went to an antique show this weekend and ALMOST bought a couple of tatting shuttles. Do you think I could teach myself to tat using a good book? With chocolate being a required tool, it just gives me one more good reason to learn!
Patricia :o)

Linda said...

Congrats to the winners of your wonderful giveaway, chocolate and tatting no wonder tatting is so popular.
Cheers and best wishes.

Heather said...

Happy Belated Tatting Day.... Congratulations to the winners, but "rats" I didn't win :-( guess now that I have been tempted I'll just have to go and eat some chocolate, VBG!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my goodness-if I'd known that tatting was all about chocolate (oops I mean tatting-lol) I would have started years ago! I had better get going asap! I have the chocolate part down now I just need to learn the tatting part...

Valerie said...

Happy Tatting Day to you too, TattingChic. Thanks so much for remembering me and popping over to my blog. :)

TattingChic said...

Cute, nice try, Shari, but you're right the winners announcement was no joke! I've now heard back from both of them w/ snail mail addy's so next week they'll be on their way! Hope you enjoyed all that chocolate!

Hi Imoshen! Welcome! Tatting...chocolate...whatever... it's ALL good!

Hi Trayna! WOW! Thanks, how exciting! I will need your email address in order to do that, LOL! I guess I will be poppin' over to your profile page and/or blog to find it!

Hi Mona! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, tatting and chocolate are good any day, aren't they? LOL!

You are most welcome, dear Kathy! Glad you like the tatting. Hope you have had a lovely tatting day yesterday.

Patricia! That's a great idea! It all depends on the book! Honestly, I haven't had the copy of this "Learn to Tat" book long enough to judge if it's good for teaching a newbie or not, but the DVD sounds impressive because it's so important to have someone show you the motions of it.

Hi Linda, thanks! So glad you stopped by to wish me well for Tating Day and congratulate the winners!

Hi Heather! It doesn't take much to tempt me to eat some chocolate, LOL! I want some right now, but, DARN! It's all gone from yesterday, LOL!

LOL! Well Victorian Parlor, tatting isn't all about the chocolate, but Tatting Day is, LOL! Come along and learn to tat, it would be fun to have you along for the tatting ride!

Hi Valerie! Thank you for stopping by, too! Hope your Tatting Day was very happy.

Bella Sinclair said...

Haha! Well, of COURSE there's an international tatting day!!! Wooohooooo! Glad to see you celebrated it properly. And I see you had DARK chocolate there. Mmmmmm, my favorite. Good thing I'm not a tatter or I would have gotten chocolate all over my tatting.

Congrats to the winners!

TattingChic said...

Very observant, Bella Sinclair! It wasn't just DARK chocolate; it was DARK chocolate with ALMONDS!!! Yummmmmmmmm! :)

Marie Antionette said...

Congrats to all the winners,Lucky Ladies...Happy Tatting Day dear lady,Yes for me it would be the chocolate.I could loose more weight if I could just not eat the darn stuff.I'm so addicted to choc.Anyway I see you do certainly have all the right tools.It is a lovely post.Thank you so much so stopping by,You always brighten my day.Hugs and kisses Marie Antionette

vintage at heart said...

I really need to bone up on this tatting subject,I was at an Estate sale last weekend and think I saw some old vintage tatting items and it did not dawn on me until later that night that they were tatting items.. rats!!!!! I would of grabbed them for you!!! Maybe next time. I am always on the lookout for old sewing and craft items.
Have a Blessed weekend!!

Maggie Ann said...

You are a fun person Miss Tatting Chic! =) make me smile...AND inspire me to tat. I'll do a post and show the edging I'm making when I get a little further along with it. Yes, we are drying out beautifully...I was worried that the musty water smell would be permanent but that is clearing away too. We are soooo thankful! God's mercies are so welcome each and every day..yes? =)

Suzie said...

Too busy eating chocolate to write

Lace hearts said...

Anything that involves chocolate is fine with me! So tatting and chocolate sounds a perfect combination. 225 is such a big number - that's wonderful that many people dropped by.

Rosemary said...

Well, Happy International Tatting Day! You are very talented yourself.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Maybe we should have International Tattling Day. HeHe!!
Have a great weekend!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yay to the winners! (I'm really trying not to be a sore loser...*sigh*... LOL)

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

I had no idea there was an International Tatting Day... or that it involved chocolate! What fun!

One of these days I'm going to win one of your great giveaways! I need to, you know!

rochambeau said...

Happy International Tatting day! I did think you were spoofing! You make me laugh.

Have a super weekend.
Have fun working with your little laces!!


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Congratulations to the winners. I didn't know there was an International Tatting Day.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tatting Chic, Congratulation to the winners I am sure they will LOVE your gifts. I have not heard for Tatting Day and Chocolate but it sounds like it would be the kind of day I would love. Hugs Judy

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Happy International Tatting Day!!! Chocolate, ahhh the perfect thing for a celebration!

Congrats to the lucky winner too!!

TattingChic said...

Hi Marie Antoinette, I think all of us could lose a little weight if we laid off the chocolate, LOL!

Oh, Vintage at Heart! How kind of you to think of me, even as an afterthought! How sweet! Thank you.

Hi Maggie Ann, glad to hear that the flooding is drying out! What an awful experience. Thank you for your encouraging words! I look forward to seeing your tatting when the time comes that you post!

LOL, You are too funny Suzie!

Hi Lace Hearts! Thank you. Yes, Tatting Day does definately involve chocolate! I know, I can hardly believe it, myself!

Thanks, Rosemary! International Tattling Day, LOL! Very funny! You know a bloggy friend's husband thought my name was "TattlingChic" and he said to her one evening that he just didn't get me; what was I tattling about, LOL! Too cute!

Thank you, Farm Chick Paula! I sure wish that I had enough for everyone!

Hi Karla, I had no idea about International Tatting Day, either, until last year, LOL! I'd love for you to win one of my giveaways! This is why I use the Random Number generator...I would have too hard of a time being objective if I had to pick the winner just by myself.

Hi Constance, nope, I wasn't spoofing, LOL! I think it's pretty funny, myself. I don't know who decided that it's Tatting Day on April 1st, either.

Thanks, Tumblewood Trails. I just learned last year, myself. It's fun to pass that on to my bloggy friends.

Hi Judy! Well, it's fun, but I guess it doesn't qualify for a national holiday or anything, YET! LOL! ;)

Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by! Yup, it sure is a perfect thing for a celebration. said...

WHoley tatting bat wing batman!!

I think you are the blogoshpere queeeeeeen!!! You are delightful, yor blog rocks, you rock, and your hat is hopefully there, or will be very soon, so you can keep partying like it's better than 1999? Hope it didn't get crushed on the way, huge hugs, V

Cottage Rose said...

Happy International Chocolate.. oops I mean tatting Day!...haha
My my that chocolate does look great. I love Dove.... Thanks for stopping by and the kind comment... you r too sweet... Have a great weekend..


laura_rose said...

A bit late, I know, but glad you had a Happy Tatting Day...lace and 2 fav things :) Thanks for visiting my blog...I made the travel pillow after seeing 2 or 3 different ones at a lace day...then I found instructions on the internet for the others...go figure!
Do you make ATCs?

Shay said...

It's always about the chocolate!

Pat said...

Sorry about this... I KNOW you don't want to leave your email address on a comment on my blog and I don't want you to...but all I'm getting from you is a BLOG COMMENT which shows up in my email. I'm not getting an email separate from the blog comments. I ONLY have one email address, which I am not leaving on your blog comments either. So, I guess it means we will not be exchanging anything. It's too bad. Pat

TattingChic said...

Thanks, Vanessa! OMGoodness! You are so sweet! I don't know about that, but I do appreciate the very generous compliment.

LOL, Alaura! Good one! Glad to see that you are feeling good enough to come on over for a visit and you're so funny!

Hi Laura Rose, thanks for visiting! No, I do not make ATC's yet, but they sure do look interesting and fun to make and trade.

LOL, Shay!!! THAT'S the spirit!

Oh, darn it all, Pat! It's just such a bummer that the emails are not getting through to you. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Good morning. :) Absolutely, use the photo anyhow you'd like. Have a lovely Monday. Blessings... Polly

TattingChic said...

Thanks, Polly! I have plans for that photo! Stay tuned! :)