Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A New Award and A Mention

Thank you Barb from The French Elements!
In case you don't know who Barb is she's
a real nice blogger. I suggest you take a moment to go check
out and enjoy her blog when you have the time.

She has honored me with a nice award and I wanted to
take the time to tell her thank you and let her know
that I appreciate it.

Now it is my turn to pass this award to 7 fellow bloggers.
But first, the rules.

1. Please put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. You must nominate 7 fellow bloggers for this award.

4. Add links to the recipients.

5. Leave a comment so the recipients know they have received an award.

I thought I'd share this award with mostly the tatting community since that is
why I joined the blogging community in the first place, but there is one that is not tatting. Just know there isn't enough spots to award all the blogs that truly inspire me. If I've commented on your blog, you've inspired me in some way.

May I have the ENVELOPE, please?!

(in alphabetical order of first name)
1. Carol from Carol's Tatting Blog
2. Diane From Lace Lovin' Librarian
3. Gina from Threads of a Tatting Goddess
4. Marilee from Yarnplayer
5. Sharon for all her hard work at the 25 Motif Challenge
6. Sherry A.K.A. Lady Shuttle Maker at Tatting Tales ~ All things Tatting (It's an obsession)
7. Tracy at Pink Purl

Thank you all for inspiring me to be a better tatter and blogger (...sob...sob...sniffle...). I owe this award to all of you so I'm passing on the good will and can you feel the love?

I think awards and tags are fun. If you have been acknowledged by me for a tag or an award and you find it a burden or otherwise makes you uncomfortable

it's okay by me if you do not accept it.
Just consider it a compliment from me and consider it OPTIONAL.
Also, I wanted to thank the Bookmark Collector for mentioning my tatted bookmarks on their site twice last month in the same post (under the heading of Handmade Bookmarks).
Thanks for stopping by my little blog. It's always a pleasure to have you here. I appreciate each and every comment that comes my way. Ya'll are awesome, ya hear?

21 absolutely fabulous things were said:

Jen r. said...

Congrats! You deserve it! Jen R

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Whoo hoo! Awesome! Can one ever have too many awards? Thank you sweetheart!
I'm doing my happy dance!

TattingChic said...

Awww....thanks Jen R. :)

Okay, Lady Shuttle Maker, you enjoy the award. Glad you came for a visit.

Tattycat said...

Congratulations! You do deserve it like Jen R. Said!

Gina said...

It becomes you to have it!
and thank you for passing it on to me.

:-) Gina


Congrats on your award!!!
Your work is amazing!!!

TattingChic said...

Thanks TattyCat! You are so sweet.

Hi Gina. eNjOy!!!

Thank you, Vintage girl at heart.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Congratulations!!!!! You so deserve this award, I just adore your blog and your are the sweetest!


Barb said...

You deserve this award. Can you feel the love? Taking a short break so I thought I'd drop by and visit.

many hugs,

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

what amazing work you do !

TattingChic said...

Awww... Thanks Amy from Bunny Rose Cottage. YOU are the sweetie. It's good to have you back from the vacation.

Thank you so much, Barb. You are definately one of the many reasons why I'm so glad I started blogging!

Welcome, Theresa, and thank you. :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yay for you! You deserve it!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

WOW! You are so talented! Your work is so cool!

M ^..^

Linda said...

This is a wonderful award...congratulations. Now, I'm going to visit some of the other talented tatters. Have a great week.... Hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

WTG!! How nice! Well, you do everything to deserve it so enjoy. :-)Well done.

TattingChic said...

Thank you for your nice comment, Farm Chick Paula!

Thanks for your kind words, Tales From an O.C. Cottage.

Hi Linda, thanks so much. I think you'll enjoy visiting the other tatting bloggers.

Thanks Verito! Nice to see you out and about...LOL! You've been missed.

Tracy said...

Congratulations, Tattingchic--well done, and very well deserved, my friend! And thank you so much for sharing this award with me too--you are so sweet! Just back from London--had FAB time! Resting travel-weary feet and doing laundry this weekend--vacation's over--LOL! Happy weekend, and talk to you soon ((BIG HUGS))

Rue said...

Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for coming by and leaving a comment on my blog :)


TattingChic said...

Hi Tracy, so glad you found time to stop by. It's good to have you back! I'll be heading over to your place soon after I'm finished here.

Thank you, Rue, and it was my pleasure! You have a cute blog.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Thank you so much! I am honored! Now if I can just figure out how to post it on my blog...

TattingChic said...

You are welcome, Diane, and you deserve it! Thank you for visiting, you were missed!