Saturday, September 13, 2008

TIAS 4 Day 2

For those of you watching to see the latest TIAS developments;
here are my results of day 2.

What is a TIAS?
Tat It And See.
No, I'm not being obnoxious, silly.
That's the name of the TIAS!
The motif
on the left
is day 1
The Motif
on the right
is day 2

What are they?
Little purses?
Your guess is as good as mine,
because we only get a portion of
the pattern at a time.
I think the photo is deceiving
as to the size of the motifs.
For that reason I took
another photo of them
on top of a
U.S. Quarter Dollar
for a size comparison.

Kinda small huh?
That's because they are done
in size 50 cotton thread.
If you tat and would like to join in on the fun of the latest TIAS
it's being hosted over at Lady Shuttle Maker's blog. The photos of everyone participating are still being showcased at the official TIAS site by Jane Eborall.
Thanks for stopping by. I love visitors whether you tat or not it doesn't matter to me. I love sharing my favorite hobby with my favorite blog friends, like you!
As always, comments are welcome.

2 absolutely fabulous things were said:

singtatter said...

Did you change the colour and re-tat Day 1? Look like this TIAS is a good practice for block tatting, even Day 3 is still doing that, and no wonder we need so much threads for this one!

TattingChic said...

No, LOL! Singtatter, I took day 1 with the flash. Day 2 was taken in natural sunlight. I know, what is it?