Saturday, September 27, 2008

TIAS 4 Day 6

Here it is.
I finally have time to
catch up with the
current TIAS.
If you are new to this blog
or don't know what TIAS stands for,
I'll be glad to tell you.
TIAS is the acronym for
Tat It And See.
Tatters who are involved in
the online tatting community
are given a piece of a tatting pattern
day by day
and are not told what the end result is.
In order to find out
what it is
we have to
tat it and see!
This is Day 6

Here it is with the other
elements of the current
This is the 4th TIAS that
has been done so
that's why it's called

The tatting done for Day 6
was added to the element
tatted on Day 3, see?
(click on the pink word to see)
If you are a tatter who doesn't
have a blog but would like to participate
the links are available at Lady Shuttle Maker's Blog
where the current TIAS is being hosted.
You can tat it up and email the photos
to Lady Shuttlemaker (details on her blog).
She will post them on the Official TIAS Blog.
You do not have to have a camera to be
able to participate.
You can simply tat it on your own,
remain anonymous, and
follow everyone else's progress if you'd like.
You don't even have to tat
to try to guess what it is we're
What do you think it is?
I have no idea!
Stay tuned!

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