Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Blossoming Heart!

A few posts back I showed you my Heart In Progress. I made some philosophical comparisons to the literal (tatted) and figurative (my heart on the inside) heart. This week my heart has blossomed! Let me explain.

Tatted hearts are one of my favorite things to make. There is one called "Heart Blossom" from the book Tatting Hearts by Teri Dusenbury. It is an absolutely beautiful heart and I have wanted to make it for over 16 years, but have always been intimidated by it for some reason. Maybe it's the fact that it requires 3 shuttles. I'm not really sure why it bothered me, since I've designed a pattern that requires 4 shuttles, LOL! Well, I finally tatted that heart up this last week!

Here, let me show you!

This will count as a motif during my second round

of the 25 Motif Challenge!

Motif #4 Heart Blossom.

It's tatted in Lizbeth thread called

"Victorian Red".

Whew!!! This one was a lot of work for me.

It took me probably 20 hours combined if

you count all the unpicking and stuff I had to do.

I did a few revisions of the techniques suggested in the pattern.

(Notice how I thnk of patterns as "suggestions" and not "tatting gospel", LOL!)

For me, revisions take time because I really have to

think and then, upon trying it a different way, it may or

may not work and I end up unpicking very often.

That is what made this heart so time consuming for me.

I also tried a new technique; the SSSR!
Recently, Gina from Threads of a Tatting Goddess

shared the following video on how to make

a SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Ring). Until recently

it was the general school of thought that a split

ring was only possible with 2 shuttles until

some tatting genius figured out how to do it with one.

Thank you, Soluranne!

This particular video was found on the old
eTatters at Ning site which will soon be closed down.
I found it on You Tube! YAY! This video really
helped me see how to do it and I have succesfully figured out
how to make SSSR's!

The video was made by Anne B of Norway.

Thank you, Anne B! :)

Anne, because of your video I was able to figure it out!

"V" for VICTORY!


Now, to SSSR or Not SSSR...

...TAT is the question!


Here's a photo of my next heart in this same pattern.

Heart In Progress:

I took this photo during the stage that requires
3 shuttles. 3 shuttles only sounds intimidating. It's really 2
shuttles and then working on another part with 1 shuttle
(or 2; if you decide to do a regular SR. SR = Split Ring). The three shuttles are not used at the same time.
As you can see here, I decided to do the SR with
the one shuttle or SSSR. See the shuttle on the right?
That's being used to make the the SSSRs


The SSSRs in this heart are used to make the arches.

Here's a close-up of one of the arches in the completed heart.

I've heard some people say they think that the SSSRs

are "too bulky", but I didn't find that to be the case.


Another part of the pattern that I revised to make

it all one round was the center wheel.

I used a chain with 7 "Thrown Rings" (floating rings) to make
the center wheel above. The center "ring" is actually
a chain, it's not quite a SCMR, just a chain. The last 2 DS
on the chain are actually Split Chain stitches and then
the 8th ring is a split ring used to crawl out and make the
outer daisies of the inner part of this heart.

Confusing? Well, yes, that's why it took so long!

Incidentally, I'm doing this heart again (same color)

and it's going MUCH faster! Thank heavens.


Thank you for letting me share my most recent tatting victories with you! My heart is blossoming with gratitude for the online tatting community for giving me access to all of these wonderful techniques used to make tatting so much easier! My tatting skills have much improved thanks to the internet and all the wonderful tatters who share their understanding of certain techniques, skills, and wisdom with others for free! You guys are just awesome, thank you!

My heart is also blossoming with gratitude for all my fabulous blogging buddies who take the time to stop by and say hello! Your comments mean so much and I am grateful for each and everyone of them! I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Have a super fabulous weekend!



90 absolutely fabulous things were said:

Florence and Mary said...

Tatting just blows my mind... I'm only just getting my head round knitting!!!

Thank you stopping by my new blog, so glad you were able to follow me over.

I'm following you on twitter and flickr now.

Victoria x

Dolores said...

Although I am not a tatter, I am glad that you figured out how to do what you thought was intimidating. Good for you and I did read all of it even though I didn't understand a lot of it.

Needledreams said...

Looks amazing! Love how you incorporated a "new" technique into the pattern.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Tatting Chic!

Just 'buzzing' around the Net this evening and noticed you updated a few minutes ago! Congratulations on the several techniques you used here to complete Teri's beautiful heart pattern.

And thanks so much for including the YouTube. I'm still intimidatead by putting photos in my blog, let alone a YouTube. Is that difficult to do? The Net is so amazing!

It is also amazing to see tatting done without a shuttle, although I've read about it. Until I do it myself,it looks a ittle 'involved' to close the ring. You'e definitely proved the SSSR doesn't look bulky at all!

The heart is beautifully tatted and you've almost convinced me that it's not as intimidating as it appears!

It's always great to read your posts! You put a lot of time and effort (and humore) into them - not to mention expert tatting, techniqes and tips.

One Craft at a Time said...

Your heart is beautiful. I just learned the SSSR and that's what was used for the dragon's tail and body I just tatted. I also used Anne's video and pattern. The video helped me tremendously!

Thanks for sharing!!

Snap said...

The heart is absolutely, no doubt about it, gorgeous!

You know I don't tat (have enough to do that isn't finished or started), but while buying embroidery thread the other day and young lady pointed at some yarn and said *do you know what tatting is*? I said, *sort of* and asked if she blogged? !!! She is probably reading this right now!

PS. just because I don't tat, doesn't mean I can't appreciate or love it!

Thank you! :D


mica said...

Beautiful heart! That is also my favorite one from the book. I made it the way it is written up in the book (more or less), but I like how you incorporated the new ideas. I think I really need to give the SSSR a try! I agree the 3 shuttles sound more intimidating than it is! I just found it very fiddly, but not particularly difficult...

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

The heart is beautiful! I love the color you used!

TattingChic said...

Hi Victoria! LOL! Thanks for stopping by. The new blog is fabulous! I saw the email announcements about the following and I had to chuckle! I ran over to Flickr and Twitter and now I'm following you, too!

Hi Dolores! Thank you for reading the blog post even if it didn't make sense! I tried to put a lot of pictures on there that might be visually appealing because I know I have many readers who don't tat, either and I didn't want to bore everyone to death who doesn't tat, LOL! Glad you stopped by!

Thank you, Needledreams! It was fun! I incoroporated a few "new" (to me) techniques into the pattern that made it quite a bit easier and with less thread ends!

Thank you so much for your comment, Kathy! I always enjoy your comments. They are so enthusiastic and sweet! It was kind of neat incorporating those advanced techniques. I think at the time the patterns were first published the SR (Split Ring) was about the most advanced technique around!
Adding YouTube videos isn't hard at all. Just copy the "embed" code at the YouTube video and paste it onto the blog post editing field. Make sure you are in "HTML mode" when you do that. I am usually in "compose mode" when I post except for codes like that.

Very cool, One Craft at a Time! Anne's video was very well done. I love how she used the written captions to explain what she was doing. I watched it OVER and OVER until I got it! I just LOVE the internet!
Oh, congrats on your learning the SSSR, too!

Thanks for the sweet comment, Snap! I agree whole-heartedly with you that just because you don't possess a certain skill doesn't mean you can't appreciate it! Thanks for telling the gal at the store about my blog! I hope she does stop for a visit! I'm also glad that you know what tatting is! Hee hee! ;)
((Hugs)) back to you, bloggy friend!

Hi Mica! Good for you for already having done the heart! I've drooled over it for years. I really do like so many of Teri's patterns. I like the center wheel better with the "Thrown Rings", too. It looks a little more "tidy" that way.

Thank you, Diane! That's "Victorian Red" from Lizbeth! Oh, I forgot to tell the thread I used. I'll edit and add that to the post. Thanks for reminding me!

Valerie said...

The heart looks fabulous! Therefore the time spent is well worth the while. Congrats for a job well done!

Barb said...

Wow, beautiful is mind blogging,I mean mind boggling!(is that a word? LOL)

Karol said...

Wow that is beautiful! I am going to have to learn how to do this.

Sarah said...

Your heart is gorgeous! Next time I have some extra money to spend, I will be looking for that book!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi TattingChic,

Your Victorian Red heart is beautiful.

Glad that you tried it after wanting to for 16 years!
3 shuttles ~ sounds so complicated and I am happy for you that you mastered it.

Have a wonderful Sunday

Ladytats said...

Congrats TattinChic,
this is one of Terri's prettiest hearts. I have done it twice. the first time I followed the pattern fairly closely and it was right after learing split rings. the second time I did it, I rewrote a lot of the pattern to fit my way of doing things. I gave both hearts away, long before having a scanner or digital camera so have no pictures, I may have to do this again some day.
Love the color, Victorian Red is one of the colors that my daughter is using for her wedding this fall. So I will be doing a bunch of tatting in that color.
have a good tatting weekend.

Vinnie said...

That's a beautiful heart!
And I love the colour too.It's so perfectly hearty red!
Thank you for being in touch.

Fox said...

Hi! That heart is gorgeous! Congratulations on all that you have tried and conquered!

AnneB's video was also very important to me - it was the only information I could find that made sense to me about the SSSR's. It is brilliant!

I also love the red of this Lisbeth thread - very rich.

Your tatting, once again, is beautiful and a constant inspiration to me!
Fox : )

Mona said...

Tatting Chic...I just love it!

xxx Mona

TattingChic said...

Thanks for the validation, Val! It was a LOT of time...and I learned a LOT! This time the heart is going wayyyy fast!

LOL! Thanks, Barb! Yes..."boggling" is a word! Do you remember the WORD game BOGGLE? Ha ha.

Hi Karol, thank you! I hope you do learn how to tat!

Hi Sarah! Yes, do get the book when you can. Lot's of pretty hearts in it.

Thank you, Carolyn! You are so sweet! I really appreciate your comment. It is nice to have that accomplished.

Hi Jeanne! Thanks for the comment! That is cool that you have done the heart before. Yes, I have much of the pattern rewritten, too so that it's easier to do and looks a little cleaner. The stitch counts are all the same. I didn't go into the part about the half daisies having "thrown rings" off of the split ring stiches side of the split rings. It lays flatter, too.

Thank so much, Vinnie! Glad you stopped by!

Hi Fox! Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. This heart was a great learning experience for me. I have written LOTS of notes in the book right by the part of the pattern where I revised. I am honored to be a source of inspiration for your tatting, thank you!

Thank, Mona! Come on over anytime for a bloggy visit.

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Beautiful job! That's probably my favorite heart in Teri's book. I like your experimentation with SSSRs and thrown off rings. I might have to give that pattern a whirl the TattingChic way.

That Lizbeth red is absolutely stunning! Barb at Handy Hands really struck gold with this line of thread.

laura_rose said...

Hi TattingChic, This heart is gorgeous! Sounds a little confusing, but I sure would love to have a go one day. Must make note of that book!

Lynn B said...

Oh Wow, this is gorgeous!

LiLi M. said...

All I can say is: whow! You go girl!

enjoy the result and have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your heart is simply stunning! I am needle tatting a light pink heart at the moment, and will post on my blog when it's done. Also, am now following you on twitter, please feel free to do the same!


Clyde said...

Well the heart looks wonderful and congratulations on mastering a new technique. Isn't the Internet wonderful. Being able to be in touch with so many tatters and have an instant exchange of ideas. I believe that is why we are seeing more tatters these days.

Donna said...

Even though most of your blog post was in a foreign language to me, it was a beautiful language because one of these days I am going to learn to tat. It was kind of like having a handsome male talk French to you. You have no idea what he is talking about, but you hang on every word! LOL.
It is a beautiful, beautiful heart!

Anonymous said...

You have some beautiful photography going on in this post...just beautiful!!!

Beckie Holso said...

Beautiful! And congrats on finding your way =)

The Victorian Parlor said...

Your posts always make me smile-you have such a joyous sense of humor! The heart is magnificent-well worth the effort:) Thanks for once again brightening my day!



meandering pearl said...

Tat is magnificent! im with you on using patterns as suggestions, & all the extra hours work that makes. songs of the heart!

Gina said...

Beautiful job with this heart!

I had to get out my copy to see if this was the one I got stumped on. Stumped isn't the right word- just frustrated with and so it sits languishing somewhere because I wasn't enjoying tatting it. I think it's mostly done except for one hump. I saw it in a box or tin recently. Actually, my post-it is at "daisy 8", probably too late to incorporate your suggestions but perhaps I'll make a new one after I finish this one...some day. In the meantime, I'll just admire yours! That red is such a deep rich red - love it!

TAT19540 said...

Thank you for sharing that video! I tried to figure it out Reit way and went 'huh'. This made it all clear.
I love your heart. You truely do gorgeous work!

TattingChic said...

Hi Steph! Isn't that an awesome heart!? I think I might write my revisions down with photos for a post. Hmmmm...

Hi Laura Rose! It is a lovely book of heart patterns. Teri makes beautiful patterns.

Thanks, Lynn B!

Hi Lili M. Thank you! I hope you have a nice weekend, too.

Hi Liz! Glad you found the blog! It was nice to "stumbleupon" you! I found you at Twitter, too!

Hi Clyde! Yes, it is wonderful to get in touch with all these fabulous tatters and their techniques throughout the planet! It's totally awesome!

Hi Donna, that was cute. Thanks!

Thank you, Tinkerverve! I really appreciate that. I try to make the photographs interesting and aesthetic.

Thank you, Beckie! You're a sweetie!

Thank you, Kim! I really appreciate that!

What a nice thought, Meandering Pearl! I guess when we put our own touch on something it is like a song of the heart. Cool!

Hi, Gina! I think I started on this one 3 times, LOL! Three times on this particular effort that is. I've looked at the pattern manytime before and even wound the shuttles for it and ended up doing something else with the thread, LOL!

Hi TAT19540! I'm glad you found Anne B's video helpful! It's the one that clicked for me. Everything else looked so complicated and confusing and I thought Anne did such a fabulous job of explaining it very clearly!

Judy said...

You just blow my mind everytime you show something you've made. Your work is amazing. I think I would probably strangle someone if I tried to sit still long enough to try it.

Betty said...

Your heart is beautiful AND you have a beautiful heart!

Cottage Rose said...

I really don't know a thing about tatting, and every thing you said went right over my head.... lol But I just love what you make, love the color. Such detail and so small.. great job...


Tanya said...

Very nice blossoming heart you have made!! I like that Victorian Red Lizabeth thread.. very nice work!!

Linda said...

As a non tatter, yes I am totally confused, looks great though, what an achievement.
Cheers Linda

Marty said...

Beautiful. I admire you for finding ways to avoid the dreaded thread end!

Bella Sinclair said...

You got my eyeballs all twisted up in knots! Before my vision went completely bonkers, I did note how absolutely stunning your blossoming heart looked. Wow, the close up!!! While reading this, I kept hearing the Beatles...'Back in the SSSR.' :D

TattingChic said...

Hi Judy, thanks for stopping by. Ummm...maybe tatting isn't for you. I'd hate to think of this lovely art provoking violence in someone, LOL! ;)

Hi Betty! What a very sweet comment! Thank you!

Thanks, Alaura! I'm glad you liked the photos! I try to make them interesting so the blog isn't totally boring to my bloggy friends who don't tat.

Thanks, Tanya! You are sweet! This Victorian Red is such a beautiful RICH red! I loved tatting with it.

Thank you, Linda! I appreciate the comment!

Thank you, Marty! That's exactly what those revisions were all about...less thread ends!

You are so funny Bella Sinclair! "vision all twisted up in KNOTS", but your "back in the SSSR" has me ROFLOL! You are hilarious, girly~friend!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the changes you made to the center ring. I'll have to think on those...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Dottie Seubert ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Tatting wow you are so talented I can make blankets and some small things but these are Beautiful !you must have them on display all around your home what a true keepsake for your family.
I can not wait to see what you make next each piece is nicer then the last.
~ God Bless ~
Hugs :o)
♥ ♥ ♥
Also thought you might like to Know I have a give away of one of my floral pieces going on so come on over and visit.

Natasha Burns said...

Fantabulous!!! Love the colour too, it's wonderful!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Your work is so beautiful! You clearly have a heart for it! :)

JulenaJo said...

I recently did one of the hearts in that pattern and they are very complicated. The third shuttle part was interesting and I found it hard to keep track of what went where. Oh, and I KNEW there had to be a way to do the center as you did, but I could not figure it out. Way to go! I can't quite figure out the SSSR--will have to ponder that with a shuttle in my hand and more time than I have this morning. Fun post. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Every time I come here I am astounded. That heart is so fabulous. Let's face it, all of your things are fabulous and it is just a joy to see them. Thanks for sharing your tutorial too.

For my part, I'm finishing 2 tissue cozies today and shipping one out that I sold. Then it's on to upgrading my DeStash site, re-writing my Faerie Tales and on and on. Yep, I do love to be productive. Talk to you soon, Have a great week,


Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh -- you UNPICK in tatting??? I'd never make it -- it looks WAY too complicated!!!!

Anonymous said...

The heart is exquisite! Beautiful work! Thanks for posting the video too.

Connie said...

Ah, sweet success! It is beautiful.

Thelma said...

Such a beautiful heart.

Elyse said...

wow. i am in awe of your tatting talent. this is beautiful (and so is your photography)!


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

The tatted heart is breath-taking...and is that a wholecloth quilt it is resting upon? The red and white together are stunning. And I also loved the tatted baby booties. Everything you create is so pretty!

Charmingdesigns said...

ummmm, after watching that video I am sooo is so fantastic that you can follow I am more in awe then ever!! My little easel...came from one of the junkie church sales for It is so fun to read all the comments on how that video helped them...really?? lol. Keep up the good work! Laurie

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Oh my goodness !! That is beyond beautiful ~ Tatting amazes me ~

shirley said...

Beautiful heart. I have never made a split ring as long as I have been tatting I have avoided it but that video is pretty cool. Going to actually give it a try.
Thanks for sharing

Becca said...

Wow! I just found your blog this morning. I will be back.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Tatting Chic, Oh I love this heart. Very interesting the story behind it and the Suggestions to complete!!
You make everything beautiful and post about the results in the most fabulous way.

Hearts to you sweet friend.
Have a Blessed Day.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Dean Grey said...


I love the deep red color! Perfect fit, I say!


Linda said...

Tatting Chic, your latest heart is just wonderful! I watched the video and I have so much respected and admiration for you and other tatters....tatting looks so difficult and intricate and then to create these wonderful pieces...awesome..hugs, Linda

Rosemary said...

You are amazing!!
Thanks for visiting me!!
Have a wonderful day!

paperbird said...

Absolutely gorgeous. The color is so pretty. The work that you put into these little pieces of art is amazing!

Sure wish I could find a vintage tatted heart for my collages.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

HOW do you do that ?? LOL!! It looks so hard! Tatting is so beautiful and amazing!! I love that heart!!!


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tatting Chic, Your Beautiful Victorian Red Heart is goregous as is all your creative tatted lace. You are sooo very talented. Hugs judy

Suzie said...

Its such cool stuff so pretty

rochambeau said...

It is amazing that you can make Tattered Hearts Tattingchic or Tatt anything at all! I like the idea of the Tattered Heart motief, as each person knows what a tattered heart is inside.
You have fairy fingers!
Keep up the tattathon!

Look forward to see what's next!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving an RSVP. I hope that you have time to visit that day but I completely understand the hectic things that keep us all so busy:) I am looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful tatting creations!



TattingChic said...

Thank you, Saying Things!

That is very sweet of you to say, Dottie Seubert! Thank you.

Thank you, Natasha!

HA HA! Very cute Becky!

Hi Julena Jo, thanks for the comment. I hope you do figure out the SSSR! I think it's even easier than the regular SR, LOL!

Thank you, Maidenshade! (what a cute name) It sounds like you are busy.

Ugh, YES, Thimbleanna...and the worst part is...UNpicking takes 10 times longer than the actual tatting's HORRIBLE! LOL!

Thanks, Yarnjourney! I hope you find the video helpful.

Thank you, Connie! I appreciate your sweet comment!

Thank you, Thelma!

Thank you, Elyse! I'm glad you like both.

Thanks, Jeanne! No, that is not a quilt at all. It's a fancy piece of scrapbook paper! Isn't it cool?

LOL, Laurie, I wouldn't worry to much about that SSSR video. It's a somewhat advanced technique and has kind of a complicated closing of the ring. Regular tatting isn't wierd like that, LOL! Don't let that deter you if you still want to learn!

TattingChic said...

Thank you, Lori! I appreciate the kind comment very much.

Hi Shirley, I hope you do. I actually like the SSSR much better than the regular SR. It won't work for EVERYTHING where a SR is needed, but for most it should work just fine.

Hi Becca, thanks for visiting. You are welcome back anytime!

Thank you so much, Sweet Celestina. What a heavenly name you have. I really appreciate your comment. It means a lot when people say such nice things.

Thank you, Dean! I appreciate that coming from an artist.

Thank you, Linda. I know that many tatters appreciate your appreciation, LOL! No, seriously, they do! I know I do!

Thank YOU, Rosemary! You have a nice day, too.

Thanks, Paperbird! I appreciate that.

Thank you, Amy! That is sweet.

Thanks, Judy! Glad you like it!

Thank you, Suzie!

Hi Constance! That is a cute play on words.

Hi Kim! Thanks for understanding! I will definately visit the party! :)

Jeanneoli said...

So beautiful...amazing!

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I love it when you do these. It's so interesting to see what you end up with! ;> Hugs to you, my friend.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your heart is so beautiful! I can not imagine creating something so intricate...

Lelia said...

Beautiful tatted hearts! I haven't visited your blog for awhile -- you have been busy!!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I really need to learn to do this!

rosechicfriends said...

Your tatted heart is Gorgeous..but its sure is greek to me on how to begin or even do one!

But I think I understand your hestitation with starting something new. As an artist or creator new things can be intimidating. I usually have to get over myself and just DO IT! Glad to see you have Victory!

Have a blessed day!

Nancy in Dallas said...

What a beautiful heart! As always, your work is magnificent...always a joy to see what you are doing!

Jennifer said...

A beautifully tatted heart.
I agree with you about the SSSR, I don't find it bulky either.
I like working a pattern from just the diagram and then reading the pattern to see if I did it the same way as the designer - just for fun!


Trayna said...

Don't worry Tatting Chic - yours was posted the same day as Jane's - but yours won't "fly" in!!LOL
Hope you like it.

Aim said...

Wow, that is so beautiful! You amaze and inspire me. I have to pick up my shuttle again....

Fete et Fleur said...

WOW! That video was completely mind blowing. Whoever invented tatting was a complete genius!


BumbleVee said...

wow.... that is certainly tiny work and so detailed... the close up shows how much actually is going on....
'fraid it wouldn't be for me and my eyes..with the stupid floaters like grease spots in front of everything I look at... it is bad enough looking at bigger projects.... but, I love looking at what you do...

Maggie Ann said...

That is gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing the how-to. Teri Dusenbury is very talented. I've made some of her simple hearts and loved them. You inspire me to tat...once I finally get here! There are so many things I love to do. Right now, I've just gotten a new carder and am loving working with my wool fleece. You have a beautiful blog....and it is full of inspiration and helps. Thank you! I want to go to Ravelry and request you as a friend!

Wendy said...

Dear Tatting Chic,
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Yes, I have an adorable and beautiful ice cream cone that you tatted on my Princess Quilt!!! I love it so much. I have less than 2 weeks until my baby is due and so I haven't much time but I promise that as soon as I can I am going to post some close-ups. Thank you so much for your beautiful work, blog and personality.

beedeebabee said...

Hi! tatting gals are all just so amazing. It looks SOOOO HARD, but it's just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thanks so much for visiting my new blog, and for your very sweet comment too! Of course you're entered into the giveaway!

Paulette :o)

KatCollects said...

This heart is beautiful, you have such a beautiful talent!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, that is gorgeous....
The video was neat- it's amazing how you make all those tiny knots!

Susanne said...

It is a very beautiful heart and you are a great tatter.
I would not know how to tat with 3 or even 4 shuttles. Amazingly it is possible.
Well done, friend.

Kathy said...

Finally had a moment to check out your heart. It is beautiful! The booties are just adorable (from a prior post). I too have learned so much from all the lovely bloggers who freely share so much of their talent. You have been an inspiration to me with your suggestions and talent.

Linda said...

I love your heart, also. I'm not sure if I could ever do something like that. I have a question--really, a couple of questions. (1) Do you know of any left-handed shuttle tatters? I tried to learn from my sister, but couldn't do it. It was like I was doing everything backwards. So, that's when I tried needle tatting and it worked for me. (2) Also, do you know if there are any needle tatters on here? Thanks, Linda

TattingChic said...

Hi Jeanneoli! Thanks!

Thanks, Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! I appreciate your sweet comments! Hugs back to you, dear bloggy friend!

Thanks, Penny! I can't believe the lady who makes the most intricate and beautiful mosaic designs just said that, LOL!

Hi Lelia! Yes, I have been busy and it is good to have you back over for a visit!

Hi Cathy! That would be neato if you did! The SSSR is actually pretty easy!

Hi, Lorena! Thanks for your encouraging words! I appreciate it!

Thank you, Nancy! I'm so glad you stopped by!

Hi Jennifer! That is neat that you have done the SSSR! It is pretty easy, isn't it. Wow, you really get into take the time to check the pattern after. I don't check, LOL! I just make sure it looks like the pattern in the picture, LOL! That's only if it's a really good picture and it shows where to start, LOL!

Hi Trayna! I hope you got my message that I got your tatting in the mail!

Oh, Aim, that is so cool! I hope you have picked up your shuttle again!

Hi Nancy! Yes, I agree that whoever did event tatting was pretty smart! It sure has evolved a LOT over the last 100-200 years, though! It used to just be rings! Not only was it just rings, but they TIED each picot together, LOL! UGH! Thank heavens for Mademoiselle Riego for publishing the picot join and freeing us all from that drudgery...of course that was in 1851, LOL!

Thank you, Bumblevee! I'm so glad you liked seeing the pictures. Come back again!

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Hi Wendy! I'm so glad you came to visit! Thank you! I'm glad that some of my tatting is on that lovely quilt! That is special. I hope your delivery is safe and that you and baby will be happy and healthy! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

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Hi Farm Chick Paula! You watched the video! Wow! I'm impressed!

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Gosh, thanks, Kathy! I'm honored to be a source if inspiration to you! I am also grateful for all the fabulous tatters who freely share their talents and knowledge! It's truly amazing! I just love the internet for that reason!

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