Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's Playing on YOUR Shuttle?

Yes, you heard me right! I said "What's playing on YOUR shuttle?" Yes, your tatting shuttle!

"What?", you ask in return, silently to yourself as you read this, "Has TattingChic gone off her rocker? Completely Nutzo? Why would she ask such a preposterous thing?"

Well, let me explain! I have a tatting shuttle made from a vinyl record! YUP! A good old fashioned vinyl record. So, I was just wondering what it used to play! You know...what's "Playing" on it, LOL! It's just a little "PLAY" on words, so to speak! LOL! I got it from another Etsy artist named Shadetreeart! Some of you may also know her blog which is also called Shade Tree Art.

Would you like me to stop teasing you with words and just show you what the shuttle looks like?
Alrighty then, let's hit it, baby!


Here it is...
...the star of our show!
A tatting shuttle made from a vinyl record!
It's green!

Okay, I know you're looking at that thinking
"No, it's black, TattingChic",
but it's "green" in the sense that it's
an upcycled vinyl recond and Shadetree Art put an
old record to good use instead of throwing it away!

Here's a closer look so you can see the
striations of the record.
You can click on the photos to enlarge
them to get a better look.

It's kind of cool, aye?


Thanks for letting me share that with you! So, with all that said...I really do wonder what was playing on my tatting shuttle. Was it Frank Sinatra? The Beatles? Or a Symphony....Pachelbel's Canon in D Minor? LOL! I guess I will never know. It would be kind of neat to know what the source of the vinyl record was. The post in between the blades is just black painted wood or acrylic as near as I can tell that is glued to the blades. The blades make a pinging sound as the thread passes through the blades. It's kinda cool! It feels smooth to the touch, but it scratches easily, LOL! Just like any vinyl record...but I don't have to worry about it skipping, ;)

Be sure to say hello and let me know what you think! I love visitors and comments are always welcome here at TattingChic!


33 absolutely fabulous things were said:

Ladytats said...

well, that's a new one. good for her to figure out a way to upcycle old LPs. have fun tatting with it.

Miranda said...

Well, that's creative! It's neat to see how many new and unexpected uses people can find for old things.

Jane Eborall said...

Dooo let us know how it tats. Intriguing idea.

shannon_in_love said...

wow that is a neat shuttle, see what i am curious about is, how does it tat? does it still have the clicking noise, is it stiff? that is just a really cool idea. Kinda genius. you now own genius...just think.

Margarets designer cards said...

Interesting, what use they have for an old LP, enjoy playing with your new tatting shuttle. and at least its green and has a new use. Margaret

yarnplayer said...

Way cool! I'd just take it over to the old record player, stick the needle in the groove and bring it along by hand - I dunno, it might pick up something. (I messed around with playing records as a kid, LOL!)

Fox said...

Sounds as if you should take it for a spin! I want to see what YOU play with it! Ratta-tat-tat-tat-tat!
Fox : )

Suzane Herget said...

I finally took time to investigate a few blog sites. Thanks Tatting Chic for the link to some different shuttles. I was tickled to see that you are LDS. me too I enjoy your blog very much and am trying to join. I need more experience...or something

Sally Kerson said...

I'm all for re-cyling, my father-in-law has nearly 100 LPs - just think how many that would make! No better stick to wood!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

That is so neat! I, unfortunately, have nothing "playing" on my tatting shuttle. I'm still intimidated! I know I will shake this fear start tatting and never stop. ;)
How have you been, dear friend?

Bella Sinclair said...

That's so COOOOOL! Wow! Groovy. hehehe. Now if only someone could make a shuttle with old CDs....

Happy Bluebird said...

I love those shuttles - very cool! It is fun to wonder what song it might play as you tat :) And, what a great "green" thing to do!

Tatfully Yours said...

What a great idea for old LP`s!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi TattingChic,

How wonderful that someone is making use of the old vinyl.
Have fun with your new shuttle.
My husband still has a big box of old vinyl records and they just seem so much nicer with fabulous covers.

Happy week

Kathy said...

With all the LP's I have I could make a ton of them. Cool idea.

Did you get my email? I hope I used the right email address.

Shirl said...

Hi..I am so pleased you like your shuttle. The entire shuttle is made from a vinyl record including the center post.

The record used on your shuttle tatting would play disco! heheh I will make sure to list the album info on future shuttle listings.

Happy tatting!

Carolina said...

What a great idea, it made me wonder, if I could do that too!! I´ve been following Diane´s site for a while already, the way she decorates her own shuttles, and now, after your post, I´ve got this fever also, hehe :))

And that vinyl-shuttle is just gorgeous, I would like one, too!! Does it work well?

Oh and by the way, those angels of which we spoke the other day.. I´m having a small giveaway (with some angels included) *wink* :)) if you have any time at all, I would be so delighted to see you there (this is not an ad, but an invitation), lol, sorry about that :))

Wish you a great Wedn.. ehm, "shuttlesday", lol :))

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

A shuttle made from an old LP?? What a clever idea!

Anonymous said...

Hello Chiclet,

I made it to your shuttle, thought I'd follow you into the tatting world!!


Barb said...

You never cease to amaze me!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend.


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Aleta said...

Hi! Thanks for sending me your blog link. I never would have thought that a shuttle could be made from a record. How cool! I must browse around your blog :)

TanishaRenee said...

Just popping it to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice compliment.

I think your tatting shuttle is really neat!!

Terrielee said...

Hello Tatting Chic!
It's been awhile since I've peeked in on you! You never disappoint! :)
...I said to myself, "The picture must be dark... the shuttle looks BLACK (not green) to me"... And then I read on (with egg on my face)!
It IS a cool shuttle! You must have a wonderful collection! Do you display them? I have my one old silver (as in chrome ) shuttle and it still sits forlornly in a drawer! I must dig up that old book of mine and see if I can still tat!
God bless you! You inspire me!
Terrielee :)

Bonnie said...

Just checking in to let you know I've been missing you. I hope all is well and your just to busy to blog right now.

Take Care and Happy Tatting!

Bella Sinclair said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with wonder and light, laughter and love. Many blessings to you in the new year!

Marie Antionette said...

Hello TAT,
I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back with you. Thank you so much for stopping by.
I've always enjoyed your visits.
I just love the idea of using old records to make ahuddles. Like you. I too wander what the record played. I still have alot of old records. I will not give them up.
You can buy players for them,but they cost an arm and a leg...LOL
I hope you enjoyed your holidays Hon . You take care,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sure is neat. Don't forget Elvis Presley. I know that would be what I would be wanting. I LOVE ELVIS!!!

Ces said...

But can you make a vinyl out of a shuttle? :)

It's Sew You! llc said...

Thanks for educating me on what a Tatting Shuttle is....and your pieces look so Chic, too!

Art by Joy Mac said...

I love the shuttle its really cute...never thought of making shuttles out of old records...the maker sure does a great job....tell her BRAVO from me
Joy in Australia

Tece said...

without a doubt, i would use Beatles records :)))

Tece said...

without a doubt~ i would make mine out of Beatles records ! :)