Saturday, September 20, 2008

TIAS 4 Day 4

I am getting closer
to being caught up on the
current TIAS.
What is does
TIAS stand for, my friend?
It means
"Tat It And See"
This is the 4th one
that online tatters
have participated in.
The photo below is
the results of following
Day 4's instructions.

See how it is tatted
around the motif done for
Day 2 of this TIAS.
You can refer back to
the post for
if you need to see
the difference.

What could it be?
A fancy candle?
I'll just have to
tat it and see...
The current TIAS
is being hosted at
To see the current
progress of other tatters
who are participating
you can visit the

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