Sunday, October 5, 2008

TIAS 4 Day 11

One more day of the
current TIAS and I
still have absolutely
no idea what it is.
Do you?
Day 11 is shown below.
It is tatted on top of the
tatting for Day 9.
Here it is with the rest of the
tatting for the TIAS 4.
TIAS stands for
Tat It and See.

Any guesses?
Just one more day
is left until it is completed.
In a TIAS online tatters
are given just one portion of the
pattern one day at a time
without knowing ahead of time
what the completed pattern
is going to be.
Is it a pineapple with a hat on?
Maybe it's a pink & purple house
on (pink) fire.
So, what is that other thing???
is hosting the current TIAS.
If you would like to see
everyone's progress
hop on over to the
Caio for now,

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