Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy All Saint's Day!

Happy All Saint's Day! I don't know that much about this particular holiday. My Mother told me about it as a child so I do know it falls on every November 1st! You can read more about it here. There's also a 2009 movie with the same name that I shall probably never see and hadn't heard of until I Googled "All Saint's Day" and found a bunch of links leading to the trailer.

In honor of it being Fall and all I thought I'd finally start on my Autumnal decorating! So many of you have shown your inspiring fall decor! I am getting off to a rather slow start. I started with grabbing what was closest to tatting! I also had a ceramic pumpkin hidden close by. The autumn wreaths and goodies are in the storage closet so it may be closer to Thanksgiving when I have those out, LOL!

Let me show you my start on the fall decor!

Here are my tatted fall leaves around
the pumpkin! They are on my
coffee table.

You may recall my
blog post about the tatted fall leaves
last Autumn!

The pumpkin holds a candle!

The lit candle gives off the most heavenly
pumpkin scent!



Speaking of deliciousness I have received
3 tasty tidbits of awards from
the lovely Bella Sinclair of
Bella Sinclair Doodlespot!


The 1st award is the
Deborah Award
created by Ces!

The Deborah Award was created to honor a dear sisterfriend who is forever blowing kisses – “poet, friend, not just a mother but a soldier’s mother, too. Oh, the sleepless nights, the anxiety and worries, yet she is perpetually pleasant and cheerful, kind and gentle, diplomatic and tactful. She exudes courage, hope, and faith."


The 2nd award is the
Arija award!
It was also created by Ces.

The Arija award was created to honor another sisterfriend: “a thinking, seeing, feeling, loving person who celebrates life every day. She is an artist, a photographer, a fascinating woman with great sense of humor, wise and thoughtful blogger and a loving and caring friend."


Thirdly, the last award is
The friendship award!

The Friendship Award was created the wonderful
Kathi of Beautiful Mini Blessings.
Kathi creates incredible miniatures and is in the process of renovating a dollhouse as masterfully as any craftsman-carpenter on This Old House.

Thank you, Bella!

I shall bestow these lovely gifts
with some friends who bless my life!

Lady ShuttleMaker
Celestina Marie
Marie Antoinette

...and of course there are many more but those
are the ones foremost on my mind at the moment.

To quote Bella Sinclair herself
in the comments of my last blog post:

"...I have a few awards for you. No pressure, no obligation. Just my appreciation for you. :)"

Good one, Bella! I like that!
I think I'm going to borrow that phrasing when
I notify these sweet ladies of their awards!

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog on All Saint's Day 2009! Whatever you do to celebrate the saintliness or friendship in your life I hope you are having a lovely day! Mine is filled with light and the sweet scents of a pumpkin candle!


Oh, do say hello! I love it when you do that! I really do!


82 absolutely fabulous things were said:

Celestina Marie said...

Greetings my dear friend. Congrats to you for receiving the most deserved awards. You are truly all that these awards imply and more.

Thank you for passing them on to me. I am truly honored that you have thought of me and I will certainly add this to my slideshow of awards.

I love your tatted leaves displayed with your pumpkin candle. So pretty. I can almost enjoy the aroma of your candle.

Thank you for stopping by too. We had approx. 200 kids last night.

Thank you again for the awards.
Hugs to you sweetie,
Celestina Marie

Snap said...


Krystle said...

Congrats on you awards darling!

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hello Ms. TattingChic. Thank you for dropping by and leaving such sweet comments. Hope you had a great Halloween . . . we had a good turn out. I guess the almost full moon and warm weather encouraged them to stay out longer :) Always sending my best wishes your way!

Dolores said...

You have been lucky in the awards category. Congratulations. I love those tatted leaves.

Bella Sinclair said...

Ohhh, those leaves, those beautiful leaves! Yes, I DO remember them! I think your leaves are my favorite things about fall.

Pumpkin scented it like pumpkin pie baking in the oven???

You are super sweet and so very kind. In fact, I remember being wowed by your cheerful, individual responses to each and every one of your commenters. You keep me chuckling and smiling, and I cherish our friendship.

Happy All Saint's Day!

blushing rose said...

What adorable tatted leaves. That is really creative ... they look so petite.

Congrats on all your awards!

Pop over for our DOUBLE GIVEAWAY DOUBLE ... Have a lovely November.

TTFN ~ Marydon

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Celestina Marie! Thank you for your kind words. I am happy to share with you. 200 kids sounds like a lot! What a busy nice, but the photos looked like everyone had fun!

Thank you, Snap!

Hi Krystle! Thanks!

Hi Karen! You are most welcome for that comment I left earlier on your blog! I meant every word of it, too!

Thank you for the congrats, Dolores! I appreciate the nice comment about the leaves!

Gosh, Bella! We go back that far now? A whole year or more? It seems that it was just yesterday that I discovered this humorous, talented, amazing artist (who is also full of mirth) who made me smile each and everytime I visited her (your) blog, dear Bella! Thank you so much for your very much cherished friendship!

Hi Marydon! Thank you so much for the invitation to your giveaway! You are so kind to think of me! Thank you!

Fox said...

Those tatted leaves on your table are glorious! Very effective.
Fox : )

Ces said...

TattingChic, congratulations on the awards and for wonderful to see them passed on to talented women. Thank you for your vists and comments on my blog. Yes, Bella is a dear one.

Your tatted leaves are adorable. TattingChic, I remember that we did some tating in Home Economics in 5th grade. I can't remember but I am sure mine were awful or very messy. I did not let the tension go away from my hands until much later. It's amazing how tiny the laces are. Absolutely beautiful.

judith27k said...

Dear TattinChic,

I stopped by to say hello and I saw these wonderful fall leaves that you made. So just to share my congratulations and say it's ashame there are not more then 24 hrs a day to be able to visit you and others more often :-)

Have a great day,


Florence and Mary said...

Oh I love pumpkin candles... in fact I'm going to go and light mine now!!

Victoria xx

Marie Antionette said...

Congrats Tatting Chic,You are a very kind and giving Lady.
Thank you so much for bestowing these awards on me.They are appreciated, I deem it as an honor to recoeve these.Thank you again.I love the pumkin and the tatted leaves, very unique, and I cn smell its scent from here.Will talk at you later.May God bles you...XXOO Marie Antionette

Tracy said...

Congratulations all the lovely awards, TattingChic--such fun! And so is all your autumn decorating... I just love anything pumpkin--to eat or to decorate with! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Heather said...

Hi Tatting Chic... lovely fall decorations, especially your tatted leaves... congratulations on your awards, well deserved. I must stop by and visit the blogs you mentioned... always fun to see what others are looking at. Thanks for visiting my blog (the thumb is healing). Hugs.

Isdihara said...

Congratulations on your inspirational awards and on the lovely start to Autumn decorating.

And congrats to your awards recipients too!

julia said...

What beautiful tatted leaves!!! YOu amaze me. You deserve these awards. Congrats.

Michael823 said...

Hi I just wanted to say Hello, I'm Kim's dad and I too live in Sunny Southern California. I was wondering where you might be located.

❦TattingChic said...

Thank you, Fox!

Wow, Ces! Your teachers sound very ambitious attempting to teach tatting to a class full of fifth graders. No wonder you didn't learn, LOL! Tatting is something that usually needs to be done 1:1 or at least a very small class size to be taught effectively. My home ec teachers just stuck with cooking and sewing. We didn't get home economics until the 8th grade.

Hi Judith, I know what you mean about the time! SO many wonderful blogs out there and so little time! LOL!

Ha ha! Victoria, that is cute! I just lit mine again this morning. I love the smell it gives off. Makes for a cozy scented morning!

Hi Marie Antoinette! I am glad that you like the awards. Thank you for your sweet comment!

Hi Tracy! I am with you! I ♥ pumpkin bread, pumpkin rolls and pumpkin goodies. Oddly, I'm not one for pumpkin pie! LOL!

Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by. I am glad to hear the thumb is healing. Thank you also for the nice comment about the leaves.

Hi Isdihara! Thank you for your nice words. I appreciate that!

Hi Julia, thank you so much!

Hello to Michael823, Kim's Dad! I am really into the whole "online safety" thing. I don't give out personal information such as where I live or my name publically online. Thank you for asking. Kim sure has a nice blog and has been a very nice online friend to me.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Congratulations on all the awards!! Love your tatted leaves, just beautiful!!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my gosh-you are so sweet!!! Thank you so much for the awards-I am honored and touched:). I will try to get them to load onto my blogspot. Everyone has been so wonderful sharing step-by-step instructions as to how to get them on my blog but to no avail. I am so technologically impaired!

BTW, I LOVE the tatted pieces you have around your pumpkin-gorgeous!!!



LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Your awards are well deserved and thank you Chicky, I will accept them with honor and gratitude.

Barb said...

Many congrats to you my friend. Yay TC!

Your decorations are so pretty.
I haven't done much of anything yet.


Lois said...

Congratulations on your awards.
I really like your leaves. I never thought about lace leaves but it does make sense doesn't it?
They are lovely!
Have you ever tatted a Queen Annes Lace? I know it is just a weed to some but it's such a pretty one that I would think someone somewhere would have had the idea to tat it.
Anyway, I am rambling so I'll say goodbye for now.
Have a great week!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi TattingChic,

Love your candles, in the pumpkin and the tatted leaves.
Congratulations on your Awards, I too was the lucky recipient from dear Bella.

Have a great week

Carol Lawecki said...

Hello TattingChic, I just popped in to say hello. I see you have posted your fall leaves also. I didn't get to tat the Oak leaf, maybe for next year. I think it is very pretty!

Congratulations on all your awards. They are well deserved!

Have a great week!!

mica said...

Happy All Saint's day (a day late)! I honor the holiday (I am not sure "celebrate is the proper word in this case?). I have made my own traditions since I cannot do what I grew up with. It's a nice holiday and I have more respect for it the older I get. It helps that I have created my own traditions too!

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Very beautiful decorations! Congratulations on your awards :)

LiLi M. said...

Congrats on your well deserved awards! Have a lovely day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What beautiful awards you have received and by such lovely people! Thank you for coming by to visit my blog...I love those tatting leaves you made!!! Have a magnificent fall day dearest! Anita

Lori said...

your tatted leaves are the cutest things!!!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Congrats on receiveing those awards! I always enjoy visiting you here. Your tatted leaves are so beautiful!

Lace hearts said...

Thank you for popping over to my blog - it's been a while since I was actively blogging, but I think I've got the go again! We'll see. I love the leaves you created.
And the awards are certainly well deserved. You have had one of the best blogs around for a long long time.

Carol Lawecki said...

Just stopping back to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog and for your support!! You're a sweetie!! (((HUGS)))

❦TattingChic said...

Thank you, Amy!

Hi Kim and thanks! I am glad you are happy about getting the awards! You deserve them.

Hello dear Lady ShuttleMaker! Gosh, after reading your blog post last night I sure hope it didn't hurt you to write that! Bless your heart. Get feeling better. You can post the awards if you want to and feel up to. Otherwise it's just a nice gesture between online friends.

Thank you for stopping by, Barb! Well, as you can see I haven't done much of anything yet, either!

Hi Lois, yes, someone has already done a Queen Anne's lace tatting pattern. It includes the stem and everything. I love Queen Anne's Lace. If I were to tat it up I'd want to do a pattern that focuses more on the beauty of the lacy look of the blossoms rather than that spindly old STEM! GACK!
On the contrary, I believe that
Tattyhead has come up with a different one that looks more like real Queen Anne's Lace! It's a lovely pattern. Look on her sidebar for the link to the pattern.

Hi Carolyn! Yes, I was going to give you the award until I saw you already had it from Bella, LOL! Thank you on the candle. I have it burning right now!

Hi Carol! Thank you! You are so kind to comment on my leaves! I hope you get to the Oak Leaf next year. It is a time consuming one, but very doable! It's well worth the effort. I want to try some of Heather's leaf patterns this year, but haven't had the time!

Hi Mica, I do like the name "All Saint's Day" for a holiday. It's a lovely name. Honoring it is a nice word, too! One can celebrate with reverence, too, can't they?

Hi Grizzly Mountain Arts! Thank you on both accounts!

Thank you, Lili! I hope you have a nice day, too!

Hi Anita, thank you! I'm glad you like the leaves and appreciate your saying so. Yes, Bella is "lovely people", isn't she?

Thank you, Lori!

Thank you, Penny! Long time no see! It's good to see you "out and about" in blogland.

You are so kind! Thank you, Lace Hearts! I know it has been a while, but blogging breaks are good! It is good to see you back.

Hi again, Carol! Thank you so much! Good luck to your kids' band!

The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Just got to your post! November 1 is especially dear to me as that was my father's birthday. I lost him in 1999, but he is just one of those special people who will be remembered by not only me but all of those whose lives were made better by his work. Happy 'All Saints Day' to you and may you have a blessed week.

Thimbleanna said...

Those little tatted leaves are adorable!

Tatskool said...

Congrats on your new awards. Your post was so relaxing, especially the wift of perfume from the candle, has me nearly asleep!

Miss Rhea said...

Congratulations on your awards !! You are definitely deserving !! :) I LOVE those sweet leaves !! I haven't seen any like that, and they are adorable !! Hope this finds you in a wonderful place, I have thought of you often and your pretty tatting :) Hugs, :) :)

Janet Happy Girl said...

I have always admire tatting...I love to crochet and feel that if I ever learn the art of tatting I would be hooked.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Well it's a little late to wish you a happy All Saints Day, but not to congratulate you on your awards! Such nice compliments and well deserved!

Your leaves are BEAUTIFUL! And your close-up of the candle flame is a GREAT picture - makes me smell pumpkin!

:) Ann

Elyse said...

hello tatting chic!

it looks like autumn is also the awards season at your pretty blog! all so well-deserved!

your latest tatting displays are lovely.

happy november to you from me


The imPerfect Housewife said...

Congrats on your awards!! Wouldn't those precious autumn leaves on your table make a great giveaway - for ME?? What? Did I say that?? I didn't hear anything. Your work is just beautiful and I'm very impressed! Have a great weekend ~ ♥

Jen R. said...

Those leaves are beautiful!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I love fall! Lovely post.

Diana Evans said...

How wonderful!!! congrats on these awards!!! and I always love what Bella has to say!!!

Have a great week!!!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Congrats on all your awards, Sweetie!! I loved seeing all your decor- especially the pumpkin candle. This is my favorite time of the year to burn candles. I don't really know why... It may be because there are so many yummy smelling candles this time of year- pumpkin spice, mulled cider, apples and cinnamon... YUMMM!

AngelDoll said...

Hi there,
Love your tatted leaves so much. Guess what I signed up for...yes it is about time I learned to tat. Classes start in january, so hopefully I can learn to tat too. Then I will be one of your followers (if you can be one of mine too, that would be neat...thank you Tatting Chic.

Nerm said...

Hi there Tatting Chic-thanks for your sweet comments. I've missed chatting with you. Love, love those fall leaves you tatted. My, you are one talented Tatter! I'll be a more frequent visitor from now on. Take care. Nerm

Rosemary said...

Hi there,
Congrats on all the awards.
I hope you find the perfect oval frame.
Thanks for visiting,

Anonymous said...

I love your Blog. I wanted to say thank you for looking at the tatting I have done by various artists. I really LOVE tatting. Chat with you soon.

Ruby said...

Hi TattingChic, thanks for coming by! Yes, I often see someone doing needlework including tatting. This event there is usually a lady who tats and does bobbin lace but I understood that she injured her back and was unable to attend. I think I need to work on my sentence structure! :) There was a lady who was crocheting but in the larger threads. Have a Blessed day!

Theresa said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment! I love your blog and tatting is new to me. I am going to research what this techniques is all about. I went to your website and saw all the beautiful creations. You are one talented lady! Have a blessed evening! Theresa

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there! What a nice surprise to see your comments! How are you? I would suppose that you are creating some lovely things for the holidays. This such a fun time of year to celebrate friends and family and of course, HOPE. Thank you for coming....Anita

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love your fall decor. What really caught my eye was your new header. Sweet happy sighs.

Lace hearts said...

I was so thrilled to see your name pop up in my comments ... I just don't get around as much as I used to.
I well remember your tatted leaves last year. They look divine spread around the pumpkin.
Did I mention, I bought a starters tatting kit. so watch this space! It's just finding the time... always so elusive!

Florence said...

Your tatting is beautiful, that is such a gift you have, it is so nice to see that art alive. Thanks for coming and seeing by blog. Florence

Linda said...

I love your little tatted leaves--I've never seen anything like them! And congratulations on all your awards and recognition.

Sandra Evertson said...

Your Autumn leaves are simply Divine!
Sandra Evertson

Chrissy said...

WOW....lots of awards,way to go!!! Just wanted to say hello and thank you for coming by and leaving me such nice notes,hope you will come back again,all the best Chrissy

Ces said...

Oh Oh Oh! Tatting Chic.Oh! I love that poem. Thank you for sharing it with me. I have a shawl because it is cool here tonight and after reading, I had the draw the shawl closer to my body. I felt the snow and then I saw myself hobbling towards my husband in old age! Thank you for sharing the poem. Thank you.

Jesse said...

The leaves around the candle look lovely! (Thanks for all your comments on my blog, too.)

Marie Antionette said...

Just stopping by to wish you a most wonderful Thanksgiving.I'm still looking forward to making that doll for you.Got the plaques cut out.Just need the color I can do the walls and floor.I saw the sofa and chair sets(victorian) in Hobby Lobby.Its a cream color.It will match anything as far as clothing.
I wish you and your family a most blessed Thanksgiving.
XXOO Marie Antionette
Let me know what you think.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Tatt Chic,
Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Love you you, Celestina Marie

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hello, I wanted to drop in today to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. You are a dear friend and I'm thankful to have gotten to know you this year. Many blessings to you and your dear family. Twyla

vintage girl at heart said...

Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Thanksgving and tell you that I miss you!!!
Hope all is well!!

*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...


Cheryl Miller Mosaics said...

Congratulations on all the nice awards! Where have you been for the last month, girlie? We miss you! Happy Christmas crafting!--Cheryl

Nerm said...

Hi Tatting Chic--where, oh where,
have you been? Miss seeing all those delightful creations. Thanks for your kind words. Best wishes. Nerm

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi TattingChic, just stopping back over to say hello. Missing you and hope all is well. (HUGS)

Maggie Ann said...

Your tatted leaves are beautiful!!! And, congratulations on your awards. You have a special blog! I enjoy my visits...

tattrldy said...

I love your leaves and the table display. I've been by earlier but didn't have time to leave a note.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your wonderful comments. I appreciate them a lot. Hope you're doing okay, have missed your posts.
Wishing you a merry and blessed Christmas!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahaha! Where have you been hiding? You must be having one HECK of a real life, because we're missing you in da blogs. :D Perhaps you are tatting yourself a Snuggie??? Happy December, sweetums!

Carla said...

Tattingchich, where are you?

We miss you on the web.

Lace hearts said...

I hope all's okay, and you're just taking a much needed break. I loved your comment so much about the
whatcha-ma-call-it... the thing-a-ma-jigger...the round thing-a-ma-bobber that decorates the ceiling...
Yep, it's basically a ceiling medallion I guess. We call it a ceiling rose, and they were often used in richer Victorian houses in England to decorate around the centre light. My mum loved them to bits, so even though my house is 1930s, we put them in as I grew up with them and a light fitting looks bare without one. My one's small compared to how hers were.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

ancolie said...

Hello TatingChic

I hope you post very soon again, the I love to visit your blog.
I can'not post as often as I would like, because I have trouble with my pc
I wish you happy tatting !
thank your for your visists and lovely comments on my blog

ancolie from france

Barb said...

Hi there,

Hope all is well. I miss you.
Have a joyful Christmas.

Big hugs,

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Where oh where is Ms. Sweet Tatting Chic? Girl, you've been gone for so long! Hope all is well with you and that your Christmas season is beautiful!

Congrats on all the awards....everyone just loves you!


Elyse said...

hello tatting chic,

thank you for always leaving sweet comments on my blog.

i hope you are well, happy, and tatting, and are enjoying a little blog break. any tatted snowflakes to show? ooh la la!

happy december!


Kathleen said...

Good Morning, thank you for visiting my site the other day. I left a message there for you, and pics of a couple of Mom's tatted ornaments, as you asked.

Do come back and visit again, I enjoy meeting new friends!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi TattingChic,

Thank you for visiting me today.
I hope that things are well with you and wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.


Lebasi Aneres said...

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